I am depressed

tina duann

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I feel so depressed, I know that things will get better and that it has only been a week since I quit my job and husband lost his. We have been looking all week adn so far nothing. I have over $400 in bills due just this week not counting the rest of the month.
I am trying so hard to stay positive but it is real hard. I know that I am not the only one going through this but it is not good. I wish I could find a job and husband also so. He is starting to get depressed and is still in bed.
I know that we can make it through this somehow. I am just scared, I found out yesterday that we have 2 checks that were returned unpaid, I am so nervous about that. I can't lose everthing, life was just getting better for us and now this.
What are we supposed to do, the one good this is that difficult child 1 & 2 still get ssi, so we will have a roof over our heads for now. Just needed someone to vent to.


Has husband applied for unemployment? What about applying for food stamps and other assistance until another job comes along? Every little bit helps.

Do you have the coverage on credit cards that if you are unemployed it will pick up the payment? If you do, get that rolling. If not, contact the credit card company and let them know the situation and see if they can work with you. Same with the mortgage company. Contact the utilities also. You might qualify for some kind of assistance with them.

Just remember that this is temporary and that you will land on your feet.

tina duann

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I have sent in an app for foodstamps, but because we had income this month I have to wait for an appointment. All of my credit cards are paid off and I am trying not to use them. I paid my mortgage pymt on tue. I have alot of loans out that we just got and this will be our first payments on them and they do not need to be late. Also I just bought a new car and I have a pymt due next week on it. I just do not know what to do.
My light bill is paid thank god. We have had our windows up and keep the lights off, and tv when no one is using them. The kids are complaining but they will have to adjust for now. I am more concerned about husband being depressed than anything.
It seems to be harder on men when they cannot provide for their families. But we are surviver's adn we will survive this.


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Call & find out about emergency food stamps. It's not unheard of that folks live basically week-to-week and teeter on the edge when income is lost.


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Oh, Tina, I am so sorry. Believe it or not, it sounds like you're ahead of the game though; you said your credit cards are pd up and you are cutting back on wasted elec. use. (Something we should ALL do!)
You've gotten some good advice here.


After working at a job for 18 years (supervisor), they decided to "re-evaluate the department". I relocated with this company, planned on being there for ever. i lost my job. That very same day in the mail came a letter from child services from another state. Apparently he was a father of a 16 year old boy that he never knew about. She was now suing for back child support upto and including the birth and all medical bills. He had to retain a lawyer from another state. (prior to when i met him). I told him he should sue her for not letting him be a part of his son's life. husband has always worked, could of tracked him through SS#.
One month later husband's company was bought out (13 years there). He was told, don't worry nobody is going anywhere. Two weeks later they were given a three week notice the company would be closing. Now we have both of us unemployed. I took a dumpy warehouse job working 3rd shift for two years, He was lucky enough to find another place in about a month. But..both starting at the bottom of the list, you don't make much. Had to take out my 401K. don't do that!!! Still owe government on that. finally got a decent job two years ago back in my field, but 100 mile round trip commute, second shift. didn't see anyone. three months ago I was fortunate enough to get into a very good company. But hours aren't the best and don't always find time to sleep. Midnight to noon three/four days a week. So Now I DO see everyone. However, we did have to file bankrupcy back then. Tried to pay with 401K, but just had to much happening.
I was told, when one door closes, another opens. It did, over time. We are just now getting on our feet but not making close to what we once did. Regarding the child support...He lost. and everytime he went to court the boy was never there. He is 21 now, but husband will be paying support for many years.