I am gonna go bonkers at eye care givers


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or um- opticians, anyway.
UG. I took my son for eyeglasses a month ago- problem was the order got messed up at every step of the way. They ordered the wrong lenses, wrong frames came, then they accidentally cancelled the reorder, then they sent them back when they DID finally come inm, then they tried to tell me they already dispensed them.on and on. That was bad enough..........but.

The very worst part was------------ACK! Every single person we saw and talked to every single time we trekked back in about the darned glasses----------every single tech there said oh my, your son has pink eye, - you need to get that treated.
ACK! NO! the REASON my sons eye LOOKS like that is the v ery same reason why we have ordered the type of glasses we have ordered..........he poked his eye out and they could not salvage it, and look- we ordered safety goggles to protect the good eye..........and here we are now a full month after ordering them and still without the proper safety for his good eye. HELLO- YOU did the exam, YOU looked into his eye, YOU saw the retina all mangled, and the macula and the entire globe and that there is no lens and that the pupil has leaked all its black into the iris. You can see the surgical scars, the bumpy appearance. You did the exam, you have already heard all this......you KNOW we have on order special safety goggle glasses with special safety frames and special safety lenses and a special strap to hold them flush to his good eye to protect his good eye with special lenses to darken and block all the "bad" sun Rays ...............

NO! He does NOT have pinkeye, he has a SURGICAL eye.
a BLIND surgical eye.

UG! His school made me crazy out of my mind becuz at least 3 days a week some teacher or another or the school nurse or principal or librarian would pull him into the office and isolate him and call me and call CPS and say, "this mom is not attending to his pinkeye" and they had ALL the records from the eye surgeon, and they had twice monthly update letters from the eye surgeon. They had his IEP and his eye was discussed for his IEP--------(altho they denied him ANY vision accomodations at all, repeatedly)

His surgeon does not want to put a prosthesis over his eye at this time due to other complications currently going on- calcium deposits across his eye which would rub against the prosthesis.....and his eyeball is shrinking and they are trying to stop the shrinking....they prefer to keep his eye under the prothesis rather than use an implant becuz his own eye underneath provides the best optimal outcome with the prosthesis. I understand lay people might not have any clue at all, and might wonder why his eye looks so gruesome, BUT......it is VERY annoying, frustrating and even angering when the people who have his records in their hands, and the people who should know and who have been privy to the information act so strange!
Goodness we spent the better part of 18 months in the eye surgeons office and at the univ hospital.........and the optician knows this and so did the school. Grrr.


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I wonder if wearing an eye patch might help them remember and prevent you the agravation and difficult child the humiliation of constantly being asked? -RM