I am no longer autistic sons guardian


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We had a meeting today with Sonics case worker and team members,and Sonic and Sonic no longer needs a guardian. I am the guardian he no longer needs. Not that i ever told him what to do. He is making good decisions, learned how to access his own medical care, is getting high marks at both his jobs and is living independently. I felt like crying, I am so proud. One day he wont need a payee either.

We had a mini celebration and i bumbled a mommy gush about how proud i am of him and the caring, kind, capable young man who is my son. How he is a hero and so loved. I even hugged him. He said "Mom!" With horror and we all laughed, him too.

If Sonic with autism can come this far so can your adult kids. Just trust that they can and dont be afraid to use supports. They may well outgrow needing the supports.

I am grateful today and so full of love for a young man who i was told would never be independent.


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Thank you for sharing this fantastic outcome. It gives struggling parents hope that there is the possibility of a good outcome because of their parenting efforts.

Hugs to you and your loved ones.


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That is wonderful, congratulations to both of you. I know how proud and relieved I feel at every baby step my kid makes and yours just did one gigantic leap. Just awesome.
My 17 year old son with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and I will see an attorney next week to talk about guardianship. He does not want it but for the foreseeable future he needs it. It is great to know that our challenging kids can come this far. I will tell him about your son so he understands that this does not have to be forever.


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SWOT, Sonic is a true hero, and so are you. He really is a testament as to how far a child with autism can come. I am so grateful and thrilled that he is happy.

Frieda, do what you need to for your son. His brain is still developing. In a few years he will make so many strides you will be amazed. The difference between where my son was at 17 and where he is now at 25 is astounding. My son has aspergers, or very high functioning autism. He also has some other problems. Our kids are not always ready to be adults at 18 the way the law says they are. Sometimes they need a guardian. Do what you need to.


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Since autism is a developmental disorder, theyoften do become more independent with time and patience. My son was never s brhavior problem but he was far behind on in other ares. He has steadily grown up. Today Id say he is grown. And happy in his life. Give your son more time, Frieda.

Susie, we have both been on CD for such a long time and i am happy for your sons success too!!

It has been a slow ride worth taking. Anyone reading with a son with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), please keep the faith. Love to all.