I am so proud


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difficult child and I went hospital to visit a friend in CCU. He was great. He was calm and appropiate in CCU. Did not yell, or say anything to make me want to disapear. Then we went and had breakfast in the cafeteria. A lady there (total stranger)told difficult child that she thought it was great how he was listening and following directions. I could have broke down crying, but no one would have understood, and I could have ended up in the psychiatric unit. difficult child is now on 50mg of Lamictal(as well as the Inderal), and we are going to keep the dose there and see what happens. I realize it could change, but for now I am in heaven. I am not afraid to take him with me, I ENJOY it. This is amazing. Please pray it continues.

He is on such a low dose of Lamictal, but he reacts so easily to medications. I just hope this works.


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Prayers being said! :angel: Don't forget to take some "you" time while things are calm, you need to unwind from all the chaos you've faced recently. :warrior:

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As parents of difficult child's we've learned to treasure the things others take for granted.

I'm glad someone other than you took the opportunity to praise difficult child for behaving well. It lets difficult child see that others take notice of how we behave. And I'm thrilled difficult child is doing better.

N is also one who doesn't require high doses of medications usually for them to work for her. At least so far. psychiatrist says this is a definate plus as she'll be taking them for a lifetime and the lower they can keep the doses the longer they'll be able to use the medication and it will work.

I hope difficult child continues to do well. :bravo:

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:bravo: Way To Go difficult child! I'm glad things went so well! Praying they continue. :angel:


Most people don't understand how proud you can be over the simple things. I have friends who know difficult child, but still think I am crazy when I praise him for doing well, when others think that is normal. If some of these people could only walk in our shoes they would realize how happy the simple things make us.


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I hope difficult child was happy with himself too.

Some people don't understand this sort of pride. They follow austere principals, insist "pride goes before a fall," and "pride is a sin" and raise their kids accordingly. One family I know really worried me, with this attitude. At the school sports day families and parents go as well. Kids can run up to their parents and share successes or get reassured about less-than-successes. difficult child 3's godmother went down to watch him one day and was talking to other friends of ours from church, when their daughter came running up to them. "Mummy, I just came first in my race!"
While the mum hugged her daughter she didn't really say anything, and difficult child 3's godmother impulsively said, "Well done! You must be so proud of yourself!"
The mother glared at difficult child 3's godmother. The young girl smiled back then stared red-faced at her feet. The father took her aside and told her firmly to not interfere with the family's teaching that pride is a sin. difficult child 3's godmother was horrified at what this would be doing to the kids, to teach them that valuing yourself (as distinct from puffed up pride) is a bad thing.

So value your child. Teach them to value themselves. If you give praise don't overdo it or it will seem insincere, but really, we too often don't recognise it enough when our kids get it right.


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So happy to hear that difficult child maintained. :smile:

I'm keeping fingers crossed that it's the start of "something good". :angel:


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Super! god bless the woman who noticed difficult child's behavior and praised him. Positive reinforcement from people other than mom and dad so important. I hope all this continues. Enjoy! -RM