I am so sick and disgusted

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    Yesterday evening, easy child was on the computer and then got up to go to the restroom and then went to go talk on the house phone. Well, she left her cell phone on the computer desk. I was cleaning house and husband sat down at the computer. He needed to use the house phone and I told him just to pick up the other line and tell easy child to get off the phone. When he picked up the phone, he heard easy child say "he won't stop sending me naked pictures even though I have told him to stop". husband freaked out. He told her to hang up the phone and get downstairs. While she was doing that, he started going through her text messages and low and behold there are FULL NAKED pictures of this teenage boy, about 4-5 pictures. I had to show husband how to open the text message, he is so non-technical. He started asking her who this guy is. She said that her best friend is friends with him. And the friend gave this guy easy child's phone number. He said, I am calling him NOW. He dialed and no one answered, but then a minute later the phone rang and it was this boy. husband said, how old are you? 17. easy child is 14..not that it matters. husband said put your MOM on the phone NOW. The boy still didn't know what was going on. She gets on the phone and husband told her that her 17 year old son has been sending full nude pictures of himself to easy child. She of coarse was shocked. husband told her to make sure her son never contacts our easy child ever again and if she doesn't take care of this, he will get the police involved.
    Every time I think about it, I just get sick to my stomach. We recently talked to easy child about being careful with boys who are older especially, they are alot more mature and want different things than a typical 14 yr old. She argued with us and said we were being prejudiced. NOW I hope she sees this. I know that younger boys think these things too...but I guess I remember being 17 and how things were. She is my baby girl. Never been kissed even and now she has seen this boy naked. I don't even know what to say to her.
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    Unfortunately, I think things like this are happening a lot. I haven't found difficult child doing or receiving any but I do worry about it. I'm glad you were able to catch it and stop it. The kid is lucky that you didn't report him to the police.
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    Glad you were able to catch it. Hope it got nipped in the bud and Mom is on the ball to see it doesn't happend again by getting that difficult child some big time help.

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    Hug her, tell her you love her no matter what this boy sent, that she now knows that she is to tell her dad and you if something like this comes up, or if this continues, and hug her again. Sounds like someone else gave the boy her number, so she was the victim in this. And truly, she IS a victim and HE could be in trouble with the law if you reported this. ASK if she wants to report it to the police, and support her if she does or doesn't. Let her know that you want to check her messages occasionally, jsut to be sure.

    Hug her some more. I am sorry this boy targetted her, this is sick.
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    Unfortunately, this does happen a lot. Some kids are even taking pictures in the locker room and sending them out, so you don't even know you're this month's centerfold until or unless someone tells you. Not funny at all. Glad you guys got involved, and the kid's mom seems to be on board.
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    I agree, just give her a hug and hope that's the end of it ... although if she meets others like that, she will have a better handle on how to handle it. Seems like if you can block email on computers you should be able to block msgs on the phone.
    What a bunch of idiots. So sorry she had to go through that.
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    I'm so sorry that this happened to your daughter. I can only imagine how disgusted I would feel.

    Please make sure that your daughter feels like the lines of communication are open and that she can come to you with problems like these. I think so many of our kids are afraid they'll get in trouble when they really didn't do anything wrong.

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    Lines of communication are important. BUT... just so she knows that next time it happens and she's not open with you about it, dad is going to hunt him down and kick his arse.