I am starting to really enjoy my son


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I have seen huge progress in my son over the last couple of years. He is a lot more vocal with me, although still mostly non verbal with teachers and other adults. I used to get those "I don't know" answers to every question I would ask him, but now, surprisingly, my son is not only answering my questions with more than two word sentences, but he is offering up information on his own.

He is doing great in school. He has one best friend, who he hangs out with the most, and a couple of casual friends. His grades are awesome. His attendance is perfect, literally. He loves to talk about school now, and he is always telling me about the new and interesting things he is learning in his classes.

This was never happening a couple of years ago. Since he turned 16, he has started communicating with me way more than he ever has. I rather enjoy our conversations. He is witty, and has a great sarcastic sense of humor that always keeps me laughing.

He is taking some interesting classes this year. History of rock and roll, which he LOVES, and a film studies class. He is always telling me about the different artists he is listening to in his rock class. He asks me if I like a certain artist, and what my favorite songs are.

He is watching some rather good movies in his film class. I have seen most of them. We talk about how good the movies are, and how much we like certain actors. He recently wrote a rather lengthy review about the movie The Shining, and it was brilliant. I am not just saying this because he is my kid. The review was so good, movie reviewers make really good money writing the kind of things my son writes.

He is also taking a history class with a teacher I know well, who also happens to be his teacher in his rock and roll class. We discuss how cool he is, and how we both like him. He is currently getting an A in that class, and the teacher is even going to give him 5 extra points on his final for never missing a class.

Heck, I even enjoy talking about video games with this kid. I am not interested at all in games, but hearing him talk about them makes me feel good, because he is so passionate about them. He also loves books, just like me. We even like some of the same authors. He is now 17, maturing into a wonderful young man, and sometimes I believe he is the only one who keeps me sane. For those of you with difficult children like mine, there is hope. My son is proof, and I wish the best for you all.


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CABlonde, this is the best thing I've read all week. Congrats on having a rare and enviable relationship with your kid. I'm so happy for you!


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Your sweet son reminds me of Sonic and that is acimpliment bog time. I love high functioning autistic people. They have sweet spirits, big hearts and get better with age. I have similar conversations like yours and your son with Sonic. He will only get better.


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What a beautiful post, CB! Thank you for updating us on how great he is doing and how much you are enjoying him!! I enjoy my Aspie son also. They can be so wonderful and sweet!


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What a wonderful story! At the age when many are pulling away from mom, your son is pulling closer to you.

Enjoy this wonderful time!