I dont suppose anyone knows about property values


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I must have the only mobile home in history that appreciated the second I had it pulled off the lot!

I never heard such a thing. I paid 40K for this dump in 2001 and yet according to the assessors office as of 2002 my home is worth 55K, and it keeps going up to being worth almost 77K this year. Now that is just the building itself...not including the land because I dont own the land! The trailer is a doublewide but it isnt bricked in, it isnt even underpinned. It is simply sitting on cinder blocks and tied down with the straps. I dont have a deed, I have a title just like for a car. Two of them in fact...one for each side...lol. I wish someone would give me that much for the place. I would sell it and be out of here so fast their head would spin.

If doublewides appreciated the minute you pulled them onto a lot, then folks would go buy them, pull them into a park, and sell them for more than they paid for them...DUH! What a way to make a quick buck. I could have turned a quick 15 thousand in a few months if that worked.

I went down and threw a fit over the value. Seems they will send an assessor out to look at it but they said they assess it at "fair market value" which I have no clue how they arrive at that. I mean if it is replacement cost...well that could be a problem. I saw something that said they value it at replacement cost...well...it may cost me more to replace it but I dont think that is fair. I dont want to replace it...lol. That may make sense for a house...not a mobile home.

Good lord...Im not even insured!


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Make sure they know its a doublewide. Mobile homes DO NOT APPRECIATE IN VALUE!

They depreciate, just like cars do, and doublewides are still mobile homes.

You need to be insured, however, no matter the assessment issues.


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I respectfully disagree with Going North. Years ago my Mom lived in a doublewide in a lovely park and hers appreciated many times over.



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Yes, Suz, you are right.

Many years ago, that used to be the case, but not anymore. Perhaps becuase, people can make improvements to them.

Janet, did the assessor come for property tax reasons? Find out what other local mobile homes have sold for in your area, similar to yours.

Some of the parks around here are selling them for around that or more.

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Janet, please get insured. It's not just for the cost of the mobile home, it covers all your personal belongings. When our house was hit by lightning (thank God, no fire!), the insurance company replaced all the appliances that got "fried": microwave, etc.



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I have gone to the dealers in the area and asked what a 2001 mobile home would sell for and they laugh at me when I tell them what the tax office is assessing this house at!

If I had bricked it in and made improvements such as a porch to it, then I would understand the "house" comments and assessing it at more than I paid for it. I didnt. I am still using the wooden steps that came with the trailer and they are falling apart.

I wish I could afford insurance but its expensive. We just pray a lot.


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I am assuming it is like what is happening here in North Idaho... they assessed you on comp. square footage, based on home prices... is it fair? Usually not. You have to go and file and appeal and show comp. sales and reasons why your trailer is not worth that amount. If homes in the area sold for more money last year then the prices go up per square footage...

We had this happen last year for 2005 assessments, almost the whole county appealed. Even though our home is a peice of ... it is only assessed on it's square footage, it is pretty big!!! So our assessment went up in 1 year almost 1/2 a million dollars!!!! This happened to everyone... noone looked at the homes... they just jacked up the price. We are in a stan still at this point. But people aer going to have to move if they don'w lower these assessments. They said we our home had been remodeled in 2001!!! The main living area was painted... we have a flooding basement, 3 crazy heat sources... warped rotted siding... it is old. Noone would pay what they have it assessed for.