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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Apr 17, 2008.

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    i watched that special i was talking about last week the medicated child that originally aired in 07.

    one of the doctors caught my attention he was a pyschiatrist who deals with bi polar children, diagnosing, etc.

    i called him alot, it was probably vergining on harrassment but he finally called me back we spoke for about 30 minutes on phone regarding difficult child various medications i've tried, her symptoms, etc.

    so they do there in pittsburgh i think it's called a second opinion evaluation. you go in wtih previous doctor diagnosis, paperwork, they interview difficult child and parent then spend alot of time talking to them and playing with them from what he said. 7 hours later they give you their overall thought process after they sit down with findings with the team and discuss your child.
    so we are on wait list. we have to do hotel thing again overnight and all but i'm thinking if difficult child is still like she is now when they call then we'll go for yet another evaluation this guy seems like he knows his stuff.

    just thought i'd mention it for anyone interested or rather in need of another opinion. sheesh that's like a joke for us, right?? lol most of us are on our 20th opinion. :)
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    Because we do not recommend specific doctors or programs on the site, I edited out the doctor's name in this post. Anyone interested in further information on this study is welcome to PM Jennifer for more details.