I got a FREE oil change...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Nov 28, 2008.

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    in exchange for 2.5 hours of my life! Haha.

    I took my car into the dealer for a simple oil change at 1:30 and didn't get out until almost 4PM! What should only take about 35 minutes took how long?? I was steaming mad when after trying to track down a manager or someone to find out what was up, they still wouldn't bring my car round front. I asked to see the general manager, but he was off today. The cashier woman overheard me say that I was going to refuse to pay and said she volunteered to get it approved for me to get a freebie. I said thank you, not really thinking it would go that easily. But it did.

    Apparently, everyone quickly learned that I had asked to speak with the general manager and wrote down his name and they were tripping over themselves after that to accommodate me. Holding open doors, forgoing the paperwork, drive up service, a free car wash coupon...wow!

    I was still annoyed that I lost all the time on my day off - I had so many little errands to run - but it was nice to finally get some action. What has happened to the service industry anyway? But how nice it is that I got a freebie?
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    Freebies are way too cool!!! I'm glad you spoke up and got it! I love free anything! LOL

    Very very rarely ever happens. :) good for you and your car
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    Good for you! The service industry will take note if more of us speak up! Even though they gave you freebies, you should still talk to the General Manager. He needs to know that the messed up, that they only responded when you asked to speak to him, and that they let everything go in an attempt to either make it right or make it so you don't talk to the GM.

    Not sure which they were trying to do, but a free oil change is nice. As is a free car wash, but those don't make up for the poor service to begin with.

    I just got my free pie from marie Callendar's on Monday. It took the GM over a month to send the card to me, and it was just his business card with "good for 1 pie" on the back in handwriting! So it is not like they had to do a big formal thing. (My free pie was because there were problems that the receipt survey didn't cover, so I didn't make a big deal about contacting corporate about them.)

    And the service when I went in to get the pie was AWFUL! I ended up just getting the pie to go - esp after they sat 3 couples AHEAD of Jess and I - and we were right there in line to be seated. NOT in line for the bakery to go! So I plan to call about that also! But I will call to corporate, because I was going to get 2 pies in addition to that one, ADN buy dinner for Jessie and I.

    so speak up, and continue to speak up until they get it right. Hey, you can always do a yellowpages search for the dealer owner's name and call HIM. You may get more than 1 free car wash.

    CAuse isn't 2.5 hours of your time worth more than a $30 oil change and a $7 car wash?