I Guess I Am A Mouse

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. susiestar

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    we live in the country and regularly fight mice. husband decided to try those sonic mouse repellants. He forgot he spent fifty bucks on them a year ago. They didn 't work thenm, though I was not home when he tried them. . Now they do.

    ON ME!!

    He plugged one in this evening after I was done in the kitchen. Just a second ago I went to heat up my rice bag and OMG!! My ears plugged up with air pressure and HURT, my entire head is buzzing, and all I could do is cover my ears but it didn't help. i just burst itno tears. My vision even went a bit wonky and it felt like my head would explode right there!

    Unless I am planning to visit (& you don't want me to!) or you want to drive someone else away, my recommendation is to stay AWAY from the sonic noise pest repeller gizmos!!! This is AWFUL!!!
  2. InsaneCdn

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    Hmmm... maybe you need to ship some of those over to Janet, and see if they will help with Buck-removal?
  3. AnnieO

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    Susie... They work on me, too.

    I read some study somewhere that said females hear high-pitched noises better than males, but that ability fades by the time they are 25 and it is pretty much the same thereafter.


    You know the noise the TV makes when it's on mute? I can hear that - over a radio - downstairs - TV's upstairs. Makes me want to hurt people. I cannot use a mute function for that reason. So the sonic repellant? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    ...Fortunately, my cats are pretty good at that...
  4. Hound dog

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    I think they drove Bruce looney. No joke.

    Decon works much more effectively. Except that today's adventure is to find the dead rodent somewhere out of sight in my kitchen that is stinking the place up. I know that smell and while it is yuk.......a dead mouse is better than a live one. Once I put the decon in the attic and basement.......no more mouse issue. I think this one came in due to spring, maybe looking to make a house for babies or something.
  5. donna723

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    I've been seeing one too, ducking in and out in my living room, driving the dogs crazy! There's no way to seal up all the gaps in a 160+ year old house so it's not hard for them to get in. The dogs will eventually get it. I had been leaving the dog food bowl out at night for Ragan but I guess I'll have to start putting it up again.

    I don't understand how those sonic devices would work on mice but not other animals, the pets in the house, or even people who are sensitive enough to hear it. There are certain ranges of sound that supposedly only very young people can hear and some towns have actually used this as sort of a "teenager repellant" to keep them from congregating in areas where they hang out and cause problems! While most adults hear nothing, the teenagers hear a shrill high pitched annoying sound ... I wish they would try something like this in the city parking lot next to my house! Teenagers are much more annoying and a lot harder to get rid of than mice!
  6. hearts and roses

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    By this time of year, the mice are usually beginning to build homes outdoors in sheds or hose buckets or old gardening tools around my house. <<KNOCK ON WOOD>> We didn't have a horrible mouse issue this past winter. I know we had them, but not like we did the prior year. That year I expected them to pay rent soon! Or at least clean up after themselves. The few times I spotted evidence this year, I put out my traps until I didn't catch anymore and that was that. But the traps are on hand just in case. I prefer to trap them and break their little necks. I can't use poison as my dogs are so small they may get into it and I won't risk that. Nala will often climb under the cabinet in search of a small nugget of something when we take out the garbage and I would just die if she was poisoned.

    We did try those sonic things, they didn't work - I heard a slight buzziness and had to unplug them all, but they didn't deter the army of mice we had that year. Instant death is the way to go.
  7. InsaneCdn

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    Environmentally friendly mouse deterrant... plant hardy mint around your foundation. ALL the way around. It's not 100% mouseproof - but mice don't like mint. A lady I used to work with had problems with mice and her compost bin... until she planted the area around the compost bin with mint. The mice very kindly moved elsewhere.
  8. AnnieO

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    Great idea, IC!!!
  9. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Once we eradicated the many mice in our home, this is exactly what we did! We placed mint sachets all around the places in our home the mice liked to hang out and I really do think it's been a fairly effective deterrant.