I had mentioned in another post about a xmas catalog

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  1. DammitJanet

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    I forgot the name in the post but I know the name now because the catalog came in the mail yesterday! lol

    Its Lillian Vernon and they have a website called Personalized Gifts, Gifts for Kids, Holiday Decor | Lillian Vernon Its a great little place with all kinds of cool stuff. You can get a ton of stuff either personalized with either initials or names. Tons of toys can have the kids names put on them which is really cool. I know for Keyana's first Christmas I got her a little doll with an apron on it that has her name embroidered on it with Baby's First Christmas 2006 Keyana

    You can find a whole lot of stuff..teacher stuff, like a cute little bracelet with all kinds of teacher memorabilia around it. Take a look.
  2. Hound dog

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    My kids have poured through that catalog for literally years. It was one of many that came to mother in law's house and she'd have them make their lists from. lol And she bought them some awfully nice stuff from there over the years too. Grands and great grands as well. The greats still have some of the items because since watching easy child's boys it's something I noticed.

    I believe I have a toy from there in the family room. Expensive, it cost her quite a bit. A car that a child sits in with the steering wheel, foot pedals, gear shift and dash board, but no wheels. It's more of a frame than an actual car, meant to stay stationary. It makes all the engine noises and has a little window with a road map they're supposed to try and follow. mother in law bought it for Darrin when he was about 3. I know it cost her around 70.00 easy. But I'll tell you I've not met a kid yet who doesn't LOVE it, even if it does tend to grate on some parent's nerves. lol (doesn't bother me a bit, I dunno what their problem is)
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    Geeze, I haven't thought of Lillian Vernon for years! They used to have a store here at one of the older malls (remember Willow Lawn Janet?) when easy child was little and the kids used to love looking through the catalog. Haven't seen one in years..

  4. DammitJanet

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    Oh I loved Willow Lawn! There was a store there with a restaurant that I used to eat at. Gosh what was it? And it was right down the street from that bakery that I loved so much. LOL. Why do all my memories of Richmond revolve around food?
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    Lillian Vernon has a lot of cool stuff.