I hate Social Services...Long rant!


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Ok...I found out that I was approved for Social Security Disability in May of this year. When I found out my monthly payment amount I checked the guidelines for the Medicaid for the Disabled and found out that I would qualify for that program along with my Medicare each month.

My Social Security was approved in May but it was retroactive back to 2004 based on when they decided my onset of disability was.

I applied in June...June 6th in fact, for Medicaid for the Disabled and I took in all the paperwork needed to get my application approved. At that time I told the application worker I needed the Medicaid retroactive to August of 2005 because of medical bills from a hospital stay that amounted to around 19K. It is in the manual that they have to open up a prior application I made in July of 2005 that was denied because my Social Security case was now approved.

Everyone with me still?

Ok...this worker didnt approve my Medicaid case in the alloted time limit. They only have 60 days to either approve or deny a case and he did neither. I kept calling him every 3 weeks to see what was going on with my case and he either never answered his phone or he kept putting me off. I attempted to call his supervisor and she never answered her phone either. I left message after message.

Finally about a week and a half ago I got the notice that I had been approved. Seems this other caseworker has been let go. I call and ask about the retro medicaid. This new worker has no clue. I ask about it again. She asks me to go in to the office. I go in today with the info from the manual to show her.

She takes the info I show her from the Medicaid Manual and my case record and goes to talk to her supervisor and comes back and tells me that the information in my file doesnt show the dates that my Social Security goes back to and that I will need to get that information and then make a new application with an Application worker for the retro medicaid!

Ok...now Im ticked! If the old worker who got fired had simply called me and told me he needed one more piece of info...I would have brought it to him...or even better...if he had pulled up a screen in HIS computer it would have shown him when my disability was effective!!!!!

Ohhhhh this isnt over. I know too much. Dont mess with someone who knows the system as well as I do.

One thing I have to remember now is that I am the client now and I dont have to be nice and quiet. I had to be calm and controlled and polite in there for so long that I forget that I can show my butt now. I intend to call the supervisors and the program managers and even the darn director if needed because they have messed up royally. I really dont care if they remember me anymore. I am tired of tip toeing around hoping no one sees me that I used to know.

If I have to call the state in and make my county pay money back then oh well. I will do it. They have messed with the wrong person this time.


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Well I found my info...went back in this afternoon to make the new application. I decided to be nice one more time.

First the worker tried to say that they could only go back one year from today which is when I brought in this piece of info even though I told the other idiot the info and if he had done his job and yada yada...whatever. But I kept on pushing the matter and she finally decided to go ask her supervisor and....

Lordy gosh almighty...guess who is right??? Even with half a brain I can still read a manual correctly!!!

Seems I was right about how to deal with my denied applications and such all. Yes its a sticky mess but I persevered. The girl was really nice in the end and worked with me to get the whole time frame I needed covered done in one time period and keyed in and all the junk done so I wont have to wait forever and a day.

I told her how grateful I was.


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You rock!!!!
Can't understand why it is that these govt people are so.....ummm.........for lack of a better word......lazy? (No offense to anyone out there - just a generalization.) But really!!!!
So glad you were able to straighten all of this out!


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Ya know what I have figured out from when I worked there?

You get a core bunch of really good workers, then you get a few who hang in there simply because its a govt job and they want the bennies but they could care less so they just go through the motions, and then there are those who just come in thinking the job is a piece of cake and its not and the turnover is horrible.

So out of say about 320 employees in this agency, you may have a turnover rate of 20 percent a year or so. That is a lot. People burn out and leave to find better jobs. Only the devoted stay.

Heck...look at what they did to me...they drove me crazy!!!

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I'm glad you're taking none of their flak and know the system well enough to force them to do the job right even when they don't want to. :warrior:

I know what you mean. On and off I've had dealings with the system, either because husband has been out of work or for stepgfg or easy child when she was in school. Believe me, the one's who cared about their jobs and helping people stood out like beaming lights.

What makes me mad about our county's system is that many of the workers are former users of the system themselves. You'd think they'd do a better job because of it. But no, usually they're the worst ones to deal with.

Nichole needed to change her welfare insur. Our state has contracted out to private insur. (stupid idea) The one she originally had her fam doctor wouldn't take because they don't pay off the claims. Her caseworker told her she'd have to see someone else. (a quack doctor here in town) Well, Nichole ran into her fam doctor, he told her to simply call them and change the insur to the one he accepts! So she did. lol Now she can go see him without any trouble.


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We are older, we are smarter, and we have better car insurance!!

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I wish I had your luck/gift with them. They keep telling me I don't have enough credits to get disability. But I can't work. Being a stay at home mom (though if they are truly going back 10 years my income is well within and enough) because I couldn't keep a job and keep my difficult child from killing himself or his sister, just doesn't count.

I am still trying for SSI. but I truly have very little hope.

I am proud of you.




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:rolleyes: - Susiestar said what I was going to say.....(great stars think alike)


The kind of aggrivation you described is what we went through for 5 years. We had an attorney and had the exact SAME thing happen to us with Medicaid and Medicare. DF at one point asked this woman WITH manual in hand if she had missplaced her brains and was SITTING on them. When he speaks out like that? I know I need to leave the building.

I'm sure you were a FORCE to be reckoned with today. Good on ya...Sometimes it makes me feel like saying "See? See what the crazy person you made me into will do if pushed?"

YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE....just think about how many elderly and mentally ill people without representation get bowled over every day by the 23% that stay just for bennies.

YOU GO GIRL!! :bravo:


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: The_Loan_Ranger</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> DF at one point asked this woman WITH manual in hand if she had missplaced her brains and was SITTING on them. When he speaks out like that? I know I need to leave the building. </div></div>

I've never had the guts to say anything like that. What was her response?