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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Cass1, Feb 27, 2007.

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    My difficult child and his girlfriend were expecting in March but due to high blood pressure they decided to induce her.The baby was born on Feb 21 he weighed 4lbs 15oz,just a tiny little guy nothing like difficult child when he was born he was 10lbs.They named him Alexavier Benjamin .
    Now because of issues with difficult child and his girlfriend they are already having trouble with Childrens Aid they are wanting to try to put the baby up for adoption and difficult child and girlfriend do not want that they want him at home with them.One option to have them get everything straightened out would be to have the baby stay with me, but of course that takes time because Childrens Aid has to do an assesment on me and my home :frown: which is going to take some time.So as of right now I have a new grandson that I cant even enjoy because he is in foster care when he could be with his family :frown:
    I know I havent posted in awhile just so much going on no time for anything I do try and come on and read and see how everone is doing I think of you all everyday.
    Cassie :hammer:
  2. Suz

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    Congratulations, Cassie. It's nice to see you.

  3. hearts and roses

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    Congratulations Cass! I sure hope things go well and soon you will be holding that little bundle of joy! Hugs~
  4. Hound dog

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    Congradulations! I hope you'll get to hold and spoil that new lil grandson soon. :biggrin:

  5. DDD

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    I hope the future is terrific for all of you. DDD
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    Congrats Cassie. I hope that lil guy is home with you guys soon.
  7. Loris

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    Congratulations! Hope he is home soon!
  8. Cass1

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    Thank you all.
    I have an appointment for next thursday for CAS to come to my house for an assessment,keeping my fingers crossed.
    As for today Im going to see my grandson at 10am.
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    First off, congratulations! I LOVE his name! Hoping he is in an awesome foster home, when I took in new borns I treated them as my own and cuddled, snuggled and comforted them as much possible, so not to worry, he is most likely being loved. I know easy for me to say, hard for you to hear.

    Second off, make SURE children's services KNOWS you want to be his caretaker. Call and call some more and ask what you need to do to get cleared ASAP to get him in your home. Be polite and let them know you have the baby's best interest in mind and want to do anything you can to be there for him. Ask to talk to the SW's supervisor (in a polite way) if you can't get anywhere with the SW. At the very least you should be first on the list of being able to have visitation. Again, be as accomadating and polite as possible, putting the BABY first in every thing you are doing. Support the foster family, make (if not friends) at least acqaintances with them as they can be great supports for you to get the little guy into your home.

    Sorry to act all preachy at you, but have been there done that many times with hostile (not saying you would be!), well meaning grandparents, and you just have to suck it up and be as polite and concerned as possible.

    Hugs and best of luck Grandma!

  10. JJJ

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    Hi Cassie,

    Just echoing what Vickie said, be polite and persistent. I saw too many relatives lose their rights because they sat back thinking Children's Aid would let them know what they needed to know. They were marked down as "not committed". Stay polite and let the Children's Aid worker know you appreciate their work on behalf of the children. You want them to identify with you as a fellow rational person. Do not come across angry or out of control of they may conclude that you have the same issues as difficult child and girlfriend (not fair, but it may happen).

    Congrats on becoming a grandma and best of luck in dealing with Children's Aid.
  11. busywend

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    Congrats and good luck getting custody!

    Seems like since you have 4 children in your home - one more would not be a worry for them.
  12. JJJ

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    Just worrying about you. How is it going?