I have reached a major milestone....


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Don't feel bad-I got one last month and I am a mere baby at 46!!! Talk about a RUDE awakening! :grrr: I accused my husband of arranging for it to be sent-he denies it but laughs hysterically when we discuss it. He is 48 and has not gotten his yet!

Hugs from one old broad to another! :salute:


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I have AARP and it is nice to get, LOL. I am only 48 but my husband is almost 60, so I get it cuz he got it. I don't mind so much, I will take all the help I can get, hey I have had Medicare for a few years..............

Some cultures honor and respect their elders, LOL


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>They sent me an application at 48. I was shocked. I just wasn't ready yet for that membership. husband turns 50 this year and he will be happy to take it. It seems they want to make you aged before it's necessary to keep up their subscriptions. I turned 52 this week and honestly, I'm not ready to be in the retirement group. 60 is soon enough to be a member.</span>

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Are you kidding - I rec'd this packet a couple of years before I turned 50. I joined on my 50th birthday. I want the travel hotel coupons & such.

Must say though, the deals offered on auto insurance & such haven't come close to saving me any money - declined that offer though.

Didn't phase me at all - maybe I was in the right frame of mind when I got my AARP invite.

husband turns 50 on the 25th of this month & refuses to discuss it.

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I've been receiving them since I was 37 - I want to know who the joker is that signed me up. My sister, who is 61 joined and at first she hated the thought, but figured, hey if it saves her 10% almost everywhere, why not?? Hee hee


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My husband joined AARP and walked into our bedroom saying "Don't say that I never give you anything" and handed me a spousal AARP membership card.

I told him that I was not about to start using that card ~ discounts or not.

He thinks that I am crazy. He loves the idea of getting discounts. I even get mad when they offer them to me in the grocery store on Wednesdays (senior discount day). I always explain that I have not reached that milestone yet ~ well, I'm close but not there yet.

I'm with Fran. I may (or may not) consider myself a "senior" at 60. Then again, isn't 60 the new 40? :grin:


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I got a follow up from AARP last week - in the same mail delivery was advertising from Forest Lawn. I found it irritating - I am with Fran, 60 is a good time to think about AARP. I think the worst point of their advertising, to me anyway, are the pictures of the seniors they use. I sure am not in the gray haired set yet- please - if you are going to hustle me, at least present me with a bunch of people I can identify with.

Same people also show up in the Forest Lawn ad...jeeze..



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I started getting these from AARP a loooong time before I turned 50 and I was really insulted! My brother, on the other hand, jumped all over it for the discounts. He traveled a lot and liked the discount on hotels. They probably do make the starting age so low to attract a larger membership. I'm 61 now and certainly don't consider myself a "senior citizen". I'm more like my aunt who is 85 and still volunteers to deliver Meals on Wheels to "the old people"! I figure that "old" is anybody who is at least ten years older than I am! I also get things in the mail all the time from the hearing aid companies.

When I first started working for the State, I was forty and not too thrilled about it either. And almost immediately, I started getting notices about "retirement seminars" and Social Security workshops! WTH? Our personnel lady (who is the same age as me) finally figured it out through. In my personnel records, I somehow ended up with somebody elses birthday! Not just the year wrong, but the month and day too!


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> I figure that "old" is anybody who is at least ten years older than I am! </div></div>

I love that!!! With that philosophy, we'll never get old!



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LOL, my SON gets the applications and he just turned 12.
I use ours when we go to the docs.....hey, I figure what I save with the AARP discount- thats what we EAT with when we go to the eye doctor. It already costs plenty..and my soc sec disability does not stretch that easily to raise 3 kids. If they're offering, I'm accepting. I also take advantage of shopping on the military base once a month, too.
Some months these little things do add up enough to make a noticeable difference in our life.