I heard from my difficult child

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by toughlovin, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. toughlovin

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    who is currently in Utah on his way to Colorado!!! He said he is going there because they have good resources for the homeless and he hopes to get on his feet, save some money and then either hitchhike or get a bus ticket to come back east eventually.

    I am very relieved to have heard from him and that will make Thanksgiving better for me. I know the real reason he picked CO is probably their new legalization of pot....but it is what it is.

    The message was nice and wasnt asking for anything which is good. He has a plan even if it is not the life plan I would l ike.

  2. pasajes4

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    Maybe he is finding "life" on the road not all that he thought it would be. I am glad you heard from him. Perhaps getting a job in Colorado will be easier because of the recent drug legislation.
  3. PatriotsGirl

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    Man alive, if I was a young adult, I would probably move there too. Go to work at a ski resort....ah, nice. Hopefully he makes it TL!! Ya never know...
  4. AmericanGirl

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    I'm glad you talked with him. I know it isn't your choice for him, yet he could be making a lot worse decisions.

    Praying you have some peace and that he stays safe.
  5. Calamity Jane

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    The survival skills and the fearlessness of your difficult child is frankly amazing to me. I was without gasoline, electricity and heat for 6 days due to the recent storm and thought I was going to lose my mind. Food was spoiling, supermarkets were closed, couldn't find ice, you get the idea. TL, if he makes it through this, and I think he will, and if he straightens himself out, there will be no stopping him, for sure. Glad you heard from him, and glad he's civil and not asking for anything.
  6. Nancy

    Nancy Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Thank goodness you heard form him and I know this makes your Thanksgiving much easier on your worried heart. How did he contact you? Did he get the phone?

    So Colorado.....guess my difficult child is probably trying to figure out how to get there too probably. Colorado might be getting much more than they bargained for and may have an influx of new residents soon.

    There is peace in knowing he is still alive and moving and has a plan.
  7. Kathy813

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    Well, knowing your difficult child is safe is certainly reason for giving thanks on this holiday.

  8. DammitJanet

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    Well sounds like a plan. Denver does have some nice places. You never know, your son may just find himself out there and end up getting a good job and staying there.
  9. Signorina

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    I hope he finds some stability when he gets there. You never know just what will click. I love the vibe in Colorado, much more relaxed - people are really kind, and they are used to "drifters" aka SNOW BUMS lol. So, he may just find a welcome there and he may find his way. I am so glad he was in touch.
  10. toughlovin

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    Thanks Everyone... He certainly has learned how to survive, I will definitely give him that. Actually he is funny and charming and very likeable (at least at first) and I bet that charm is serving him well! I do hope he is finding himself in this process.... if he survives and gets his act together this will certainly be a time in his life he will remember and have stories about! I did send him a message telling him there is a warrant out for his arrest here for provation violation... not sure he knew that.

    And he contacted me through a FB message. No he still does not have the phone. I do have a friend in CO I could have it sent to....if he wants me to. I am not having it sent unless I know he will follow up and get it though. LOL