I knew he was calling for something......


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I posted about difficult child calling from pay phones and grocery stores and I figured he was calling for some reason. Well finally Thursday he called me and asked to come "home." Which is actually funny because he has never lived in this house! Anyway, I stuck to my guns and said no. Told him if he ever wanted a chance to live with us he needed to get help...on his own. I encouraged him to go to a shelter. Friday afternoon he called me said he talked to a lady at a shelter and got on a list to be interviewed for a bed but that was two weeks away. He said she also gave him information about a emergency psychiatric 24/7 clinic because he was very depressed. Then he asked for a ride. I told him I would talk to his dad and for him to call me back. I looked up the information he gave me and it all checked out and the 24/7 psychiatric ER was about 10 miles from wherer he was at. After talking to my husband we were leaning towards saying no that it wasn't all that far and we were sure he could figure something out.

But then he called back....it was pouring rain and he asking again if I could please come pick him up. My mommy brain took over imagining him in the wet cold rain and I said "Yes, we will come get you, you want to go to the ER right?" He said..."I guess so" it was at that moment I realized he had just manipulated me and after about 20 minutes of struggling with it we went ahead and went, in the pouring rain, in rush hour traffic to get him. It took us almost 2 hours just to get to the other side of town! He hopped in the car and while my husband was getting gas he told me that someone told him that the psychiatric ER won't let you stay on the weekends because no doctors are there after 5 on Fridays. I mustered up all my strength and said "Son, you are NOT coming home with us, we are taking you there as I promised, it is what it is." He "cried" that he had no where to go and that he just wanted to come home. I say "cried" because no tears were shed. His emotions went back and forth from "crying" to acting fine giving us directions to McDonald's like nothing was wrong. We finally got there and my husband took him in and dropped him off. Then we left.

About 10:30pm we got a call from the place that he was being transferred and admitted to one of the local psychiatric wards. They didn't/couldn't give us much more information but needed his insurance info. I heard nothing yesterday and this morning he called me and sounded in good spirits. He said the psychiatrist started him back on the Latuda but also added Lexapro and gave him some anti anxiety medication because he was very anxious. I'm hoping this is a good combo. He asked if we could bring him some clothes because he only had what he was wearing. He said he was going to talk to his social worker soon.

He just called again a few minutes ago. I told him I dropped of some clothes and since it wasn't visiting hours I couldn't see him (I didn't know when visiting hours were) Anyway, he said he is hoping to be placed in rehab after he is discharged from there!

I am cautiously hopeful. I am praying they can help him find a better rehab that will work better for him. Wow, what an emotional weekend. I really need a massage from all the tension I've been holding in my shoulders and neck since Thursday! Thanks for listening!


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I wish you good luck.

No rehab will work until he is ready to quit. It's not the rehab...it's up to him. Nobody in even the best facility on earth can force anyone to quit using drugs until they want to. And if they really want to quit, they will do it.


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It sounds like you and your husband work as a good team together. You made good and thoughtful choices in a very difficult situation. Your son will now do what he will do. Think about what he will ask of you going forward in various scenarios, and think about what your reply will be.

Sometimes its good to write the replies down and keep them in your purse and by the phone.

Good luck, and hopeful hugs for your boy.



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MHHL, I think you did a great job of deciding how much you were going to do for him and sticking to that. I am hopeful that the conditions are right for him to be receptive to what rehab has to offer. Hope you got that massage!