I knew I spoke too soon

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Californiablonde, Nov 22, 2013.

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    difficult child missed the bus this morning. She was feeling sick and vomiting a couple of days ago but she is better now. She slept good last night too, at least she was asleep at 11:00 when I was awake having a hard time sleeping. She doesn't have a valid excuse for not getting herself up and on the bus today. This morning I called her twenty minutes before the bus was supposed to come and she never answered. I tried calling about ten times before I gave up. My mom finally got ahold of her about a half hour after the bus was supposed to pick her up. She slept through the alarm and her phone. She told my mom she was tired because she was up late talking to my son last night. She was asleep sooner than I was and that's just a BS excuse from her, in my opinion. Anyway, my mom had a bible study in the area this morning so she agreed to pick her up and take her to school today only. She made it to school two hours late and missed two classes. I'm happy she at least made it part of the day, but still there's no good reason why she couldn't have made it on the bus by herself. I guess I will just hope for a better outcome next week. Just when I thought we were making progress...sigh.
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    She at least made it for part of the day. After the week she's had? Not a tragic finish.
    Monday is a new week.
    Here's hoping she can do a fresh start... and be well rested etc.

    Alarm clock idea: two options, one is cheap and one costs more if you can still get it.
    1) an old fashioned wind-up clock with the double bells on the top... set up ACROSS the room so she has to get out of bed to get it.
    2) the newer "catch me if you can" clock that goes zipping all over the room, with the alarm sounding louder by the minute; because you actually have to get out of bed and chase the thing, you tend to be awake by the time you turn it off.
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    My easy child is the hardest sleeper I have ever know - she has the Sonic Boom alarm!
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    My easy child was late to school this week and he actually had first and second periods off and we only live 4 blocks from school!
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    It was good she went after all. Because of her health issues, and probably also for other reasons, she has made it a habit not to go to school. For most kids going to school is not something they ponder, they just go, because the other option doesn't sound plausible to them. For kids who miss a lot of school days, for whatever reason, it comes a choice, to go or not to go and they don't go much easier than the kids who seldom miss school. I see this on my easy child very well. Before when he very seldom missed school, he didn't even think about not going, never mind asked if he could stay home, if he wasn't really ill. Now when he misses lots of school (for his sport and with permission), he is much more likely not to go also for other, much smaller than before, reasons. Just because now he stops and thinks if he wants to go to school and not just go like before.

    And when they stay home, and especially kids with trouble at school, every day it comes more and more difficult for them to go back. And the point there going back becomes almost impossible can come surprisingly quickly. So even though her absence was for legitimate reasons it is very possible it was enough to make it difficult for her t6o go back. So it was very good you were able to get her to school before weekend, even if it was late and only part of the day. But if not, it would had been even much more difficult at Monday. If I were you, I would try to arrange her some help to make sure she is wake and gets to bus at Monday. Just ignoring her alarm and sleeping is way too easy for her. When you get her back to habit of just going every morning and not seeing it as multiple choice question, it will be much easier.

    With my difficult child, if I would had actually needed to get him to school when he was a teen, and even more so, to stay there, I would had been so screwed. We got lucky in him not actually needing going to school to learn, and school accepting that in the end. Without that, I don't know where we would had ended up to.
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    In collage I would have to hide the alarm from myself or I would sleep through it.

    *Suzir has some very good points.
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    Well she ended up skipping school yesterday because she felt sick, but she did go today. I set the alarm to the buzzer this morning instead of the radio, thinking it would wake her up better, and it did. Now I know she can really get herself up and ready on her own if she really wants to. My mom promised to take her out to Starbuck's after school today and to do a little Christmas shopping, so I'm sure that was a bit of motivation for her as well. I am hoping she does well next week.