I love it when impulse results in hilarity!

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    So, the three of us (me, difficult child and husband) were getting ready to go to my dad and step-mom's yesterday for Easter dinner. husband had gone out earlier to start the car but there was still snow on the windshield (ugh). I had optimistically put my scraper in the trunk so when I got it out, I left the trunk open. As I'm cleaning the snow off the windshield, husband comes out and bends down to look in the trunk. I had lobbed a snowball at him earlier and missed. So THIS time, I took aim and lobbed it over the top of the trunk lid. I knew I had hit something because I saw pieces of the snowball fly up. As I stand there, breathless with anticipation, husband stands up. I had NAILED him, dead center on the top of his head. OMG, I was laughing so hard that if the ground had been dry and warm, I would have fallen over!
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    Good aim.

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    So -you sunk his battleship huh? GOOD SHOT!

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    You know retribution is coming. LOL BE CAREFUL -
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    nice shot!!
    I keep missing my ex, but my aim is getting better!:laughing: