I may have walked into the "P" now

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, Apr 24, 2009.

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    After taking care of manster for the past several weeks I think I picked up the walking pneumonia (WP). Now what? Do I give it some time to see if my body will fight it off? Should I get right into doctor and ask for antibs? I am bone weary tired and have a cough but no other symptoms. I MUST go to work today because I've take enough time off for manster.

    We went to work yesterday for half a day. Unfortunately I was busier than usual and didn't have time to sit with him and show him "what I do" as I was too busy doing it. He gave me the riot act. He did his math in a cute kind of way. I'm on a special project for the next three years which he knows about, and have two office which I was back and forth between (about a 5 minute walk). So he's like "mom, how many days are in three years?"; "about a thousand son"; "so you're telling me you have about a thousand days to have meetings about this project and you couldn't take ONE DAY away from it to teach me about what you do like the other moms were doing". Grrrr. He would complain about anything I tell ya. With just enough conviction and intelligence to make you feel guilty.

    Anyway, bottom line question is should I go right to doctor or give this feeling/cough a few days? One issue is I don't have a primary doctor and haven't for years. I have a psychiatrist and manster has about 12 docs (jk) and I have to either go to doctor in box or call insurance plan for a referral and home someone will see me on short notice.

  2. hearts and roses

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    If you seriously think you may have Pneumonia, get to a DR. Are there any walk-in clinics nearby? You want to nip it in the bud if you can, as it can become serious very quickly! Feel better, ML.
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    ML...trust me on this. Walking P is NOT something to fool around with. You feel somewhat good enough to do your daily stuff, but it slowly and very quietly wears your body down. Heck....I lost 71lbs to it a year or so ago after having it. I liked the weight loss, but the fatigue is huge. Meanwhile it's slowly destroying your lungs. You cough and wheez all the time.

    You can't care for others if you are not caring for yourself. Go to urgent care. NOW. They'll do an x-ray of chest area, breathing test, etc. Then they'll tell you to take a few weeks off of work. That's a tough one, but you have to do it. It will only get worse.

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    ML, get thee to a doctor NOW!
    You don't want to mess around with WP, and the sooner you can get assessed and treated, the sooner you will get better.

    I had WP 7 1/2 years ago when Little easy child was born, waited around for 3 weeks before getting treatment (figured it was "just a cold", and that I was so exhausted from the birth), and as a result, did permanent damage to my lungs.

    Please get this taken care of.

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    I"ve had walking pnuemonnia like 5 times, i'd say get to the dr. even if it's tomorrow. I know it stinks taking time off especially if you wind up getting docked for your time out. Yet you know the "mom drill" if you aren't well you can't take care of anyone else :)

    I hope you feel better. Meanwhile take extra B and C if you have it, that's what I did. Also a hot pot of water and putting your head over it with-a towel should help with the cough you have.

    sorry you had to go to work today, hope you feel better.

    Go to Doctor!! :)
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    Get to doctor....WP is nothing to play with. That icky bug that makes pneumonia is very bad for you and can infiltrate your system if you are worn down and can creep into some nasty places. If it gets into your spinal cord or brain...watch out...big bad news.
  7. Shari

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    Get to the doctor. I hope you're wrong, but shake it ASAP.