I need science geek help!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Mar 24, 2008.

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    Duckie is working on a research paper on comets and unfortunately, the newest book from the library is from 1997. We need to find a website that will list the most recent comet seen from the earth with the naked eye, as well as the most recent seen from the northeast US. Maybe it's my head cold, but I can't find a thing. We even checked nasa.gov! Help!
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    I'm an amateur astronomer - how can I help?
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    Don't ask me! I'm still attempting to find the big dipper. :capitulate:
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    You and me both! :rofl:
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    I googled "recent comets" and found a list of websites......cometography.com was probably the most helpful, but not sure what all you needed.....hope it helps.....
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    I Googled "recent comets" and figured info from a university would be pretty good. Hope one of these has what you need for Duckie's report.

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    Comets are being discovered all the time, it would be difficult to be sure the ones you find ARE the most recent. Most comets are found by amateur astronomers, because they swing the 'scope around the heavens much more, while professional astronomers tend to focus mostly on one spot.

    Here's hoping the websites listed already give you the answers you need.

    Are you SURE they want the most recent ones? Or just a write-up on comets in general? They are an interesting topic indeed.

    I don't have a functioning telescope at the moment (or the time) but husband & I are both 'into' astronomy. I was into astronomy almost from a toddler, some of the first books I read were about astronomy. And where we live now - we can fairly easily get away from Sydney's light pollution and see some amazing starscapes.