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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by maniacmansion, Nov 27, 2007.

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    C got suspended from school this morning for 5 days. I totally understand why, but I'm not real happy about it because him being at school during the day is the only reason I can pass as being sane. He threw a tantrum & called his teacher a stupid fa**Occupational Therapist (OT). Then he left the school. They called me & the police. Then the principal went out & just followed him to make sure he didn't get hurt or anything. The principal has been trying to help C stay out of trouble & give him ways to de-escalate, it worked for a couple weeks, but now C says he doesn't have to follow any school rules. He keeps saying "My doctor said I'm ODD & bipolar, so I don't have to follow everybody else's rules." The doctor didn't say that--C added the part about following rules himself. Anyway, he made it home. We had court at 1:30pm today to plead down from dv to disorderly conduct from his old charges. They gave him house arrest with special directions--no computer, no phone, & no contact with friends outside of being at school. We go back in 3 weeks to deal with his dv charges from last Monday + the unruly juvenile charges that the school is pressing on him today. We were at court from 1:00pm until 4:00pm. Right now C thinks that this house arrest is a joke & that if he gets on my nerves enough I'll get him out of the house arrest. Not gonna happen!!! Besides it's the courts decision, not mine.
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    So, what are you going to do when he lays into your last nerve? You definitely need to have some plans in place because you know he's going to do everything possible to get you to push him out the door.

    One thing a friend of mine did when her son was under house arrest: she told him at the beginning that if he pushed her too far, she would send him out of the house and if he left the yard, she would call the police and if he did any damage while outside, she'd call his PO. He tried leaving once. She called. The police brought him home. He didn't try it again. Just a suggestion.

    Good luck!
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    Oh my five days is a long time-I totally understand about the sanity thing-time to shine up that warrior mom armor :warrior: Hugs.
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    Meowbunny's friend was one smart cookie!
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    Unfortunately he's not allowed to even go out the door without me or my hubby, not even in the back yard & it's fenced. He knows I'll call the PO if he breaks any of the rules, I don't think he cares though. I'm making him go to bed at 9:00 even though he's not going to school. I have a feeling it's going to get real rough. Luckily my counsler is back from maternity leave, I'm supposed to go see her on Monday. I got ahold of C's counsler & he goes in on the 6th-----they had said he could wait until after Christmas to come back in as long as he behaved himself reasonably well. I tried to tell them that was a bad idea----but what do I know? He has his own room & he might just begin to get real used to being in it.