I told her she has autism. Looking for websites or books for her to learn more.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by allhaileris, May 3, 2012.

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    I finally told daughter last night that she has Autism. I've been dreading it for so long, wanting to make sure it was the right moment (brain development wise). And with all the cr*p that's been going on, I knew I needed to tell her. Last night I was running a bath for her and we started talking about how she was going to the docs today and they're going to help her deal with her behavior. Our of nowhere she stated that one of her classmates has Autism. So I said she did too. She did her normal weird nervous laugh. I talked about this slowly and without much pressure. I asked her about the kids she knew with it (one boy in 3rd, one in 5th but "doing K level work"). I told her many of the things she has issues with are related to that. She said she wanted to learn more about it.

    This morning she asked me if it was a disease, so I explained how it wasn't. I also told her she didn't have to tell anybody, but that her aides and teachers knew already and it was appropriate to talk to them about it.

    I was wondering if there are websites out there to help kids learn more about themselves? Something that is geared to the middle childhood age that she's in. I know there are a few good books, but there are a mass of others that maybe aren't suited to her. I don't necessarily want ones about Aspergers because she doesn't have that, but something more High-Functioning Autism (HFA) with behavior challenges. Something I can get from the library, but websites would be better.
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    Good question. I never gave it much thought. At 13 son just accepted it (was actually a bit relieved) and DD1 doesn't want to hear about it (I tried telling her Monday and teh most she let me tell her was that she's not unlike her brother - she did seem to start digesting that)

    At 9 Big Bang Theory and Bones are probably too sophisticated for her. We LOVE those shows here and I often point out and discuss "quirks" with both kids.

    Anyway have you checked Amazon for such books? Don't have to buy them there but might make it easier to find what you're looking for.
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    There are a billion books on Amazon and it's hard to know what are good and what aren't. I did find a fiction one that one of the main characters has it, and it's about witches and werewolves, so I know she'd like it, but that's for later on (I think it's too advanced for her reading). I was going to show her the Temple Grandin movie because my daughter is sensory seeking and might get the compression thing she made. But again, it might be a little too advanced for her.
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    I haven't checked these out, but I know I have seen books at the book store so maybe search amazon or barnes and nobel online too??

    http://weconnectnow.wordpress.com/2...ldren-Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)-and-me/


    Just a search, gotta go get Q but thought I'd try a few for you.... let me know, I am going to search this too, mine has questions too and he has asked many times if it is a disease like cancer and I have had to do that little talk as well.... I am sure it is really tricky for them to process...
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    You might check the school library and the public library. Ask the librarians because they will know. Autism is a big deal now, so there may be more resources than you think. Here the schools will let parents check books out of the school library. ours all have some great books for kids about autism, dyslexia, etc...

    If you cannot find what you want, why not write your own? A lot of the books that really helped Wiz cope with things were written by parents or kids with whatever the problem was that he was dealing with. You could also have difficult child work on writing a book about her experiences and challenges and maybe it would help someone else. Just a thought.
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    Also, check with your local autism society. :)
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    Temple Grandin is supposed to be coming out with-a children's book but it's not ready yet.
    The books I have are all geared for teens and adults. Sorry!

    It was nice, the way you talked about it, though. :) She was the one who started the conversation. Nice.
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    Ha ha...so funny...local autism society! I know, there must be some out there, but nothing close by. Probably in the city.

    Okay, but seriously, I'll check out all the links that have been posted so far. But keep the suggestions coming.
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    Lol! You may be able to find a "local" website or email for resources.