I took him for the paternity test


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I have to make this quick because I just got to work. difficult child called DSS this morning about rescheduling and the lady told him he had to go, that it was court ordered and couldn't be changed. I picked him up and took him and she was able to reschedule for next Thursday. I guess because he was contesting it he had to go as scheduled and she didn't??? I don't know, but anyway, he's done, she goes next Thursday and we should hear within a few weeks after.

Wingnut kept calling him all the way there trying to say she had to pay 50.00 to change the test, which is a bunch of crap!! She's on the state, they aren't going to charge her anything. He then said he hopes the baby isn't his because then he never has to speak to her again. YEAH RIGHT!!! I could only be so lucky.

Gotta get back to work.


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I am doing the old Happy Dance. This morning I was watching the
weather channel and crossing my fingers that the roads were clear. It's great to share good news, especially on you-know-whattin' real life mornings like today! :)) DDD


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...and now we wait... :warrior:

Glad one step is taken. Praying wingnut doesn't do the "next Thursday" thing for the foreseeable futute.........



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So much for that line "They have to go at the same time." I too hope that wingnut doesn't delay in perpetuity.....

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I'm glad you were able to get him there and his part is over. I was sweating over the weather messing you up.



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When my difficult child and his ex went for the testing with their twins, they all had to show up at the sametime, and done consecutively. This was actually even done when he was not to have any contact with her or the children.