I took the keys...let the meltdown begin!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by KTMom91, Mar 10, 2008.

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    After Miss KT's lousy progress report (failing English, D's in both Band and Geometry), I contacted her teachers, and learned from her English teacher that she just hasn't been turning stuff in. So, as I promised, I took back the truck keys and handed her bus fare. After raging and screaming, she called her father to come up tomorrow so she wouldn't have to walk home. He wouldn't. Then she yelled at me some more, and I pointed out yet again that I was not going to drive her if the keys were pulled for disciplinary reasons. She called my mother. I'd already explained to my mother the importance of saying NO, and surprisingly enough, she did! After more raging and screaming, Miss KT decided she was going to sleep at school because she wasn't walking home. I suggested she take a blanket with her tomorrow if that was the case. She stomped off to her room, and would have slammed the door if she had a door to slam. Not pleasant, but I meant what I said and I'm sticking to it!
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    I hate to say I got a great big chuckle reading your post! But I'm only telling you that because you got all the backup you needed from your family.

    That kills me that she is going to sleep at school! OMG what is she, 7 years old to come up with that one?

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    Way to go :warrior: !!! I can just see the frustration in her when everyone backed you up.

    I would be tempted to take her to school. In my jammies and slippers with rollers in my hair. I would then get out of the car to help her walk in.

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    Good for you for following through and your family too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yourock:
  5. Hopeless

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    Okay I love the idea Heather has above about the rollers in hair, jammies, etc to take her to school. My difficult child and easy child would die if I ever did that to them. But I am giggling just trying to picture one of the warrior moms on this site doing that.

    Hope today goes better.

    PS. Can I ask where is her door? Is it in the same place where my difficult child when she lived here is.....off the door jam because she slammed it one too many times. We removed it.
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    Another mom who is impressed with your fortitude :warrior:!

    Make sure she takes her pillow as well.

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    Since she's going to be sleeping at the school, maybe she can help the janitor clean up? Seems like she'd have to pay her way there somehow. Sorry, but that idea just had me rolling. I honestly didn't think some of my daughter's harebrain ideas could be topped, but this one wins! roflao

    Good job on keeping your word and Way To Go family, and especially grandma, for backing you up.
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    Wow! I can only hope that by the time mine get to be that age, I have the same strength and courage as you clearly do! BRAVO!! I love that you told her to take a blanket, lol, very good comeback!

  9. dirobb

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    Good job.

    I am so happy that everyone worked together. That can be the hardest to deal with when everyone wants to rescue the situation/difficult child. I am so glad you had support for your decision.
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    Maybe you can pack her a snack too!
  11. Nancy

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    Oh I am so behind you! We pulled difficult child's keys on Feb 23 and the car is locked in the garage. She only had her license and access to the car for about six weeks before she broke many of the rules. We told her she can have it back when she proves to us that she is mature enough to handle it and that includes getting her grades back up to where they were before she drove.

    It's amazing how fast they deteriorate when they get those keys. I think it's so important to impress upon them that we mean what we say.

  12. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    But if she sleeps at school HOW can she take her bitter disappointment in herself out on you? Sounds win /win to me.

    (FRAN - pack a snack) ROFLOL

  13. luvmyottb

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    Love it, way to go!
  14. Big Bad Kitty

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    Yes, pack her a snack. A lunchable. With a juice box.
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    You GO GIRL!!! I love the sleeping at school, let her. School will straighten her out. Make SURE they know this is because you pulled her car keys - they shoudl be supportive.

    I am glad your family backed you up.

    What crazy logic our difficult children use!

  16. dcwsaranac

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