I want it now!!!!!!!!

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Arghhhhh! It's been quite the challenging morning with ktbug. Finally showered 20 minutes ago after a huge explosion from my little wonder over playing a game.

I am willing to play a game with her....really I am. I just asked that she wait 20 minutes so I could shower & throw in a load of laundry. If she helped gather the laundry we could play sooner.

Major 3 year old tantrum ensues.....

ktbug is now playing dolls in her room - the game forgotten while my migraine headache gets bigger & bigger.

Thanks for letting me whine. To put it mildly, the bug has been a bit of a handful this week. :surprise:


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Ugh! Hugs to you! I can relate to the migrane.

Son struggles with the "I want it now" thingy big time. He will trantrum a lot of the time when he doesn't get it NOW.

He also likes to do everything fast (of course, except taking a shower when I ask).

He crams his food in his mouth just like a toddler. Gets his face a mess. After nagging and nagging him, I asked him why does he's in such a hurry when he eats.

"Because it's faster" he tells me.


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I hope the migraine is back under control by now. I know that I want it NOW oh so well. Not a bit fun. Hugs.

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Thanks ladies - yesterday was the day from hell! Toward the end of the day I sat kt down once again & let her know that this level of disrespect & anger will not be tolerated.

Tomorrow, as nothing else was working, as a consequence she would lose her favorite computer game for the day. She could earn it back. Meltdown ensues - after an hour or so kt settled. I could see her little mind working (smoke was coming out of her ears) & she came to me. So Mom, this is like losing privileges - like when I was at Residential Treatment Center (RTC), right? Yup, honey, that's it.

Okay, I can do that - as long as I get a chance to earn it back.

Spent the rest of the evening trying to learn a new piece of music for piano lessons - mostly ended up banging my head against this brick wall I have in the basement just for this purpose. :hammer:

Today is a new day! :warrior: :flower: :smile:


Her mind was working. She understood the consequence and wants a chance to earn her privileges back. That's a step in the right direction.

Trying to learn something new when you're already frustrated is a lot of times just like banging your head against the wall. You should probably put some padding on that wall. Probably didn't help your headache any. :hammer:

Hopefully, the piece comes easier next time.