I was wrong. I do need a break.


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It is just so creepy to me that Sis was/is stalking me here that I have to take time off, at least from writing about me and my situation. I may contribute to other people's sites, but I found a different site to post my own stuff on. This is no longer "safe" for me to share on, at least about me and my family.

I'll be around for other purposes, but my healing will be somewhere else.

Nothing good ever comes of any interaction with my small family-of-origin.

Have great days!!!!

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I think this is a good thing. We struggle so hard to be honest just with ourselves about what is happening and how it feels and what it means and how to heal from those things we identify as needing healing. It will be impossible for you to heal, if you are aware of an audience.

Holding you in my thoughts.



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Just not talking about deep stuff here, that's all. I have another place I use. Also, I learned so much just finding out that I am still thought of (very interesting) even while I'm on NC that it makes me feel better. I really believed I was out of their minds completely because we have been NC. Anything but. Bet I'm a big topic between my sibs. Mucho to ponder internally.

I'll still give my .02 now and again to others ;)