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    My son has come up with some idea to go to Mexico for Ibogaine treatment for addiction. I did a search on the forum but nothing came up. Has anyone heard of this? It's some kind of psychedelic drug.
    Believe me, I have no intention of encouraging, sponsoring or aiding this trip, but he is an adult, and may have the money to do this himself thru his drug dealing profits. I would just like to know if anyone has heard of it and see if I need to take out a medjet policy or something...
    It seems ludicrous to treat addiction with a drug. I have found a few articles on the internet. One says it can help with heroin withdrawals, but not really the addiction. Otherwise couldn't we just gather up all the heroin addicts and get them thru withdrawals and then they are cured? I don't think so...
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    Never heard of this. But if it isnt in usa, i wouldnt try it. And if he gets stupid in mexico and gets arrested, hes screwed
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    Awakening in the Dream house came up when I googled it. It is a remedy from tree bark and it not addictive. The patient doesn't have to stay on it long. It resets the brain chemistry so that the addicted brain doesn't remember the substance they abused. Sounds good if all that is true. Even if not, it sounds like the other part of treatment is being taught how to relax or overcome depression without drugs, such meditation, etc. If a person can achieve those things, the chance of relapse decreases.
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