Icky little kid!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by nvts, Sep 9, 2008.

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    You know, I'm getting damn sick and tired of this little bugger running the show around here.

    difficult child 1 pulled his annual B.S. at school. Now, to continue the saga where we last left off, I moved him from a day treatment program that was abusing him into a Spec. Ed. school that has a high Aspergers/Autistic population.

    They're subject to the rules/regs. of the NYC Dept. of Ed. The rule being broken annually is: Don't threaten to harm yourself or others and refuse to recant because you're a major PITA just to keep from going to class.

    I don't think the DOE words it that way, but basically, that's the spirit behind it.

    I was feeling a little run down today (change of weather always gives my sinuses a whack) so I closed my eyes while sitting on the couch. RING< RING! It's the new couselor assigned to him. The new principal (the old one PLUS all of the asst. principals who KNOW difficult child 1 and his methods retired) wants to know if I want to take him to the Emergency Room or should they call an ambulance.

    Long story short, I get them to let me make an appointment. with his psychiatrist rather than the ER because I have a very strong reputation at the school, but they'd prefer that I keep him home tomorrow (when I could get an appointment.) so he could get a letter clearing him of his threats.

    I'm just about at the end of my rope. I have to find a way to make some money from home because having all three of them with these issues makes it impossible to get out of the house on any regular basis.

    I told him, I'm done with this stuff. Next time they take him in an ambulance.

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    So sorry Beth. It must be just exhausting to get those phone calls. Especially ones where you know he is going to take your sanity the next day! LOL!
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    So sorry that your difficult child pulled this stunt, Beth. And sorry that you're going to have to do the running-around-and-keeping-difficult child-home tomorrow.

    My difficult child used to pull this sort of thing at least a couple of times a year at school, usually when he had a test or other important homework due.

    My one concern about letting the ambulance take him...if he's anything like my difficult child, he'd enjoy all the fuss and drama and attention being paid to him and he'd do it again...a power trip.

    Hope your sinus-blahs clear up and you feel better soon.
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    Sorry! What a PITA. I hope the appointment goes well and you get what you need to get him back to school. How frustrating.
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    Oh Beth,
    I'm sorry-no advice, just hugs.
  6. KTMom91

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    Many hugs. So sorry he's being this way.
  7. timer lady

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    Must be the beginning of the school year blues. Sorry to hear that difficult child is pulling these antics & such. I hope you get things sorted out today.

    On a side note, I remember the beginning of one school year, being called for the umpteenth time for wm to come pick him up. As I walked into the intervention room wm was being restrained; I looked at the boy & told him to knock it off in a very stern voice. He stopped immediately & sat on the floor waiting for me. I looked at all this very trained staff & asked " do any of you just tell wm no? Tell him to knock it off?" The looked at me like I was the worst mother in the world. :capitulate::crazy2::talkhand: