IEP changes for Aspergers??

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by LookingForAnswers, Jun 18, 2011.

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    My difficult child was just diagnosis with Aspergers and we are still trying to learn about it. We have an IEP meeting on Wednesday to discuss a plan for his transition to high school. Does anyone has any suggestions about accomodations or goals that we should get placed in his IEP that are specific to Aspergers?

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    There is nothing specific to Asperger's, nor should it be. It should be specific to your son.

    Mine gets extra time for assignment (mostly because he forgets to hand COMPLETED ones in), excused from assemblies, gets to pace and extra bathroom/hall breaks, assisted technology, extra time/smaller setting for tests and he can move to an alternate classroom when he's feeling overwhelmed.

    Having made my opening statement, most kids I know with Asperger's have similar accommodations on their IEPs only because most kids with Asperger's need them. :) But again, it's not an Asperger's specific type thing.
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    I would suggest having your son make two lists. One -- all of the things that are hard for him at school and Two -- all of the things that really help him at school.

    For my son, it was important that he have a "3 minute pass" which allows him to walk out of a classroom before he blows up and go straight to the counselor. He only used it twice last year but knowing he COULD leave helped him alot.
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    Depends on what his issues are... sensory? organizational? time management? etc.

    Many of the accommodations you're going to need, other non-Aspie kids need too - extra time for tests, duplicate set of textbooks (one for at home), a scribe and/or technology...
    Other accommodations, like those for sensory issues, are more frequently found on Aspies IEPs - the hall-pass concept, a safe home-base, etc.

    So, it really is first a matter of... what the issues are - and then getting the school to agree that these are the issues - and THEN working on the accommodations.