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It was designed by parents -- very user friendly and particularly informative for the parent just starting down this road.

In that it pertains to a Federal Reg (IDEA) terms such as "Case Study" might be called the "Initial Evaluation" in parts of the country. Or an IEP meeting may be called an ARD (as is the case in TX.) With those exceptions, this web site can pretty much be used throughout the USA.

It covers from "The Beginning" all the way through to issues such as:

There is a chapter on Terms and Definitions to explain the special education terminology used in the law and by the staff and a chapter on Questions to Ask at meetings. There is also a section with Sample Letters for requests to the school because it is usually beneficial to document your requests in writing.
Don't forget that general knowledge of your State laws are also important. Where IDEA is silent, State's have the authority to implement their own regs. (State law does not supercede Federal law however).