I'm a fashion disaster.....

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Since I was let go from my job I've really let myself go appearance wise. You know things like deaths in the family,anemia diagnosis, cancer diagnosis's (in sister in law), trips to visit my father, Residential Treatment Center (RTC) transitions home, appointment after appointment, etc, etc, etc. have taken my energy levels to a new low & my weight to a new high.

I cannot believe the weight I've gained over the winter. And my clothes - my god!

I'd like to turn myself into the What Not to Wear program & get a redo on my fashion choices with-o the criticism. I get enough criticism over other areas of my life; enough negatives with parenting a couple of difficult children.

Okay, the whine is over - about time to get out my sewing machine & cool patterns. I need a new pair of plaid golf pants to go with my argyle socks. :surprise:


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What about letting kt take you in hand and do a girlie makeover session? Could it look any worse?

I can relate - I was letting my hair dye grow out and was going grey disgracefully, but I finally got fed up with it. I've also been keeping it cut shorter, too, since so much hair was falling out anyway. A shorter hairstyle makes the hair loss less obvious. Clothes - I'm a dead loss there, anyway, according to easy child 2/difficult child 2. But my favourite skirt, the one she hates because it's so flamboyant - people keep coming up to me and ask me where I got it so they could get one too. But I can't help them - it was $5 in an op-shop!

I do watch a bit of Trinny & Susanna and take a little of their advice on board, but I still make big fashion mistakes. With a large bust and large frame, I aim for V-neck shirts. However, my last purchases were fabulous colour (pale lemon), fabulous neckline - but stretch lycra. Not to be worn as 'outer' wear in any way. I look like mozzarella cheese ladled into a sock. And when I wear plunging necklines I have to learn to NOT lean over in front of any males. Young ones get nauseated; older ones get frisky.



Have problems here too. I am 6feet tall, and trying to find a pair of pants without paying a fortune is ridiculous. Same with shirts. They are usually short, and this past winter has not been good to me. I need longer shirts to hide the belly. And Shoes !!! you would think if someone has big feet they might be tall. I don't want heels. Most of the shoes that are in my size that I like have heels.


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So what are we all going to do?


There have to be sources we can go to to learn how to be our best selves at our current ages.

Look at Sally Fields on that Sunday night show.

I know the Neiman Marcus website used to do a makeup thing which showed the different "moods" created by color choice in makeup.
That included eyeliner, foundation, blush and etc.

I found that helpful.

Plastic surgeons employ "estheticians" who are trained (apparently) to advise us on how to be our best selves without surgery.

I am thinking about doing something like that.

If we were to listen to the salespeople out there, everything they sell is just what we need.

I usually come home more confused (and smelling ten thousand times worse) than I was when I appeared at the makeup or perfume counter.

One time?

This woman convinced me I looked wonderful in this deep red lipstick and I WORE IT ALL DAY AT THE MALL. Well, I looked like a bimbo?

But I never knew it until I got home that night.

You believe it?!?

So, where CAN we go to learn how to dress, and which makeups and moisturizers (and hair dyes ~ don't even THINK about those highlighting ones!).

I haven't checked into any of this lately, but now that we are living in the City again ( :blush:) it definitely is time to do that.

I have been wearing alot of black lately. (No, not Goth. It doesn't show the dirt and looks relatively well coordinated whether I have thought about my outfit in advance or not.)

And what about perfume?

What is everyone using for moisturizer?

Has anyone had laser resurfacing? (I am thinking about it.)

One of the ladies on the site had permanent eyeliner done ~ it looked great. It was done in a lilac color.



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Linda, I'd love for Stacy and Clinton to take me by the hand, too.

I think you should write them.

I really do!

I know they've accepted people for the show who've turned themselves in to the Fashion Police before- what a hoot it would be. And I'd love to let Nick and Carmindy have a go at my makeup and hair.

A difficult child-LESS week in New York. Think about it...and...

Do it!

I had permanent eye liner put on about 7 years ago and I LOVE it! I am not huge on wearing makeup on a daily basis, but at least my eyes stand out a little bit.

I was in a major funk this past winter, until I had my back surgery. I have lost nearly 25 lbs and plan on losing a lot more. My issue now is that nothing fits and we are tight on $$ to get much of anything new. Finally went out and got a black skirt and several shirts to have something nice to wear to church at least. And, I have kept one of my smaller pairs of capri jeans and I can pour myself into them now.

But I would LOVE a makeover. Feel like an old lady trying to fit into today's fashions. NOT a good look!!!


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I mostly wear jeans. Oh OK, I always wear jeans. And in summer I wear shorts or a culotte skirt. I have no new tops; I wear the same ones year after year. (except for the one "interview" top I bought 'cuz I'm looking for a job) I have a black skirt that looks tight around the abdomen now 'cuz I've gained weight since quitting my job in December.

I am with you in that I need a make over, at least clothes-wise. But I need $$ for that. When I did go shopping for that "interview" top with Melissa, she kept showing me all the "young" fashions. Good grief. I would have looked ridiculous. And then there are the "old lady" fashions. Even though I'm over 50, I am not ready for those!!

As for makeup, I am allergic except for lipstick and I think it would look dumb to just wear lipstick, so I don't wear any makeup.

I do get my hair dyed ever 5 weeks. There is no way this lady is going gray! It's the one thing I splurge on (it is a hairdresser friend who works out of her home so it is a lot cheaper than a salon).

I wish all of us in the same age category could go shopping together and figure out what looks nice on each of us!



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Maybe Stacy and Clinton would have a group show and would take all of us under their wings. Think of the fun we'd have as we each go through the torture of the 360 degree mirror with everyone watching :nonono: :surprise: :faint:



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I have a wedding to go to in June and I cannot find a dress that looks good on me. I even bit the bullet and went to Nordstrom's. No luck! I used to have such a nice figure. Now I am overwhent, top heavy, and short waisted. A horrid combination for today's fashions. -RM

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Suz, I like the idea of going as a group! We can all be pitiful in our applications (wouldn't be a stretch). :smile:

This past weekend Stacy & Clinton did makeover for 3 pregnant women - a half dozen mothers of difficult children would be a no brainer. I don't think there would be one of us who would argue - we'd all sit back & enjoy the respite :smile:


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Does anybody watch the British version of "What Not To Wear" on the BBC channel? I like that one even better! Trinny and Susannah are even more "blunt" than Stacy and Clinton! But the last two weekends I watched it and there were two different women on there! What gives??

I definately need a makeover on the clothes! Or maybe what I need is for somebody to give me all those FREE clothes! I used to be skinny as a rail and could wear anything, but not any more! And it really is discouraging to shop and shop and not find anything. I'm tall and now I'm too chubby right through the middle. I went to TWELVE different stores before I finally found a nice dress for my daughters wedding. I was almost in tears! And if I can find something that fits otherwise, it's too short, especially tops! I can't really afford them now, but Eddie Bauer is the only place I've found that has tops in "Tall" sizes. They're a little pricey sometimes but they last forever too.

The thing is, when I go shopping, half the women looking for clothes are built just like me! And we're not all 14 years old and a size 2 and don't care to be! So why are 95% of the clothes in the stores only in tiny little sizes and styled for kids? Either that, or they are "granny" outfits, like something the Queen would wear with her little hats!


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I thought it WAS Trinny & Susannah that YOU guys had in the US! Oprah had them on one of her shows, so I figured you guys would know them. I hate to think what they'd tell me (ugh). I take notes when I see them working on someone my shape, but some things I just can't do, such as find shoes that look good, that I can wear. It's been literally YEARS since I wore properly made footwear with any heel at all. Thongs (flip flops, I think you call them) in summer, or bare feet, and ugg boots in winter (the proper sheepskin ones, not those hot synthetic things). And for more formal occasions - Chinese happy shoes. They're made of cotton (including the soles - like futons for the feet) and are useless in the wet because water soaks in everywhere. But they go in the washing machine OK and dry quickly. They look a bit like black cotton MJs.

Right now I have bare feet, a brightly coloured full skirt under a heavy cotton mucus-coloured green knit shirt with holes all through it and paint stains. (whoops! Nearly misspelt "shirt" - the site censor WOULD have got that one! Apt, though.) I wore it outside the house already today. But it's still better than yesterday's shirt - it has no hem any more.

Aren't we a sad lot? Bring on Trinny & Susannah!



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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #990000"> just remember clinton & stacy's rules when you pick patterns & size them for yourself & you will look like a WNTW makeover.

kris :thumb: :thumb:
</span> </span> </span>

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Sign me up-a fashion makeover would be great but it would be a bit hard to have to throw out everything in my closet-I would have to hide some of my Michigan sweatshirts-no way I could part with all of them! :smile:


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Ugh. Thinking about that 360 degree mirror makes me shudder. :smile:

The critics could say anything they want to - couldn't be any worse than some of the things I mutter under my breath each morning to myself. lmao.

I, too, managed to lose 35 pounds last year and now all of the new clothing I bought when I started my new job 18 months ago is too big. Hanging off my shoulders too big. The pants look like oompa loompa pants - or MC Hammer fashion. Our budget squeeks, so it'll be a while before I can go on a spree. And, with any luck, the way I am taking my stress out on the treadmill will pay off and I will continue to lose anyway.

One night last week, I found a beautiful pale green pant suit that I had kept in the back of the closet because it never quite fit me. I thought I'd try it on and see if it fit now - sadly, I found out it's actually a bit too big. :frown: I was standing in front of the full lenght mirror in the hallway trying to convince myself that I could indeed get away with wearing it to work, when 8-year-old fashion police easy child comes out of her room, gives me the once-over and says "Ooooh, did you get new jammies?" :faint: Put the nail right in that coffin. Into the yard sale pile it went.

Maybe we should send a combined letter to WNTW. Could be a lot of fun!! :smile: I would definitely cooperate. No arguments here.


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Marguerite</div><div class="ubbcode-body">

Right now I have bare feet, a brightly coloured full skirt under a heavy cotton mucus-coloured green knit shirt with holes all through it and paint stains. (whoops! Nearly misspelt "shirt" - the site censor WOULD have got that one! Apt, though.) I wore it outside the house already today. But it's still better than yesterday's shirt - it has no hem any more.

Marg </div></div>




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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>For the most part, I wear my "rag" clothes. During the week I seldom see anyone but the clerks and sales people. It's gotten really bad. My foster daughter has lived here since Nov. 2 wks ago I wore dress slacks and a nice sweater. She was shocked at how nice I looked. :rofl: What does that say for the rest of the time.

Anyhow, I just bought the book by Bonnie Brown on aging gracefully. I haven't read it yet but it's sitting on the pile. I liked her book for young teen girls. I bought two of those for daughters of friends who were concerned with their daughters makeup experimentation. BB is good about working in a natural healthy way for your make up and wardrobe. Of course, it would be helpful to have beautiful skin and hair. LOL.

In a perfect world I would have my eyes fixed, ta2'd eyebrows and eyeliner and I would wake up with the feeling of being worth wearing nicer clothes during the week just because.

Let me know where the fashion makeover is going to be. I'm in. </span>

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I was thinking this morning that the flip side of how I dress (jeans/t-shirts/sweaters/sweatshirts/tennis shoes) can look out of place. My hairdresser works out of her house. Her hair is perfect (OK, she IS a hairdresser), but her makeup is perfect, also and we are talking at 9 am after she has gotten her 2 young kids off to school. She wears fancy schmancy skirts/blouses and HIGH HEELS to stand there and cut hair all day!! I would never suffer just to look glamorous, but that's just me.

Count me in on the group makeover, however! Big question: where do we get the $$ for our new clothes???????



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The great part of what not to wear is they give you $5000. for a new wardrobe on the condition that they throw out your old wardrobe. I would even settle for one "casual" outfit and one "dressy" outfit under the group plan....who do we write to???

(as I sit here in my sweats......)

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I tried on about 17 outfits at Kohls the other day and bought one blouse. I hate the clothes in mainstream stores because it's made for everyone and anyone, mostly teens or old ladies.

I don't want to look HOT, but I am not ready for a housecoat just yet. I mostly wear jeans, but I buy good jeans and I make sure they make my caboose look nice and don't bind on my waist. Where to buy them? Macy's or Filenes in the Misses department. They always have sales going and coupons in the paper, so they aren't much more money than buying jeans at BOBS, where I have to squeeze myself into styles that are mostly worn by teen age girls with their behinds hanging out! Yuck.

Also, those upscale stores like Ann Taylor, Coldwater Creek, etc.? They also have great clothing for adult women and they come in nice styles and colors and designer fits. The best part is that they have sales also. All you need is 2-3 nice tops and one or two pairs of jeans/slacks and you can mix and match your outfits. And then add to that a lightweight little jaclet to cover any lumps or bumps and you're all set for work, the library, DR's or to meet a galpal for lunch. I have 4 pairs of pants that I rotate all week - 2 jeans, one tan, and one black. I also have one pair of dark brown and one pair of black dress pants for business meetings. Otherwise, I rotate the others with the few sweaters or tops I splurged on. The key for me is trying everything on in combination with my pants and shoes. I go into the dressing room with MOUNDS of clothing and I only buy on sale. You need to figure out what colors work best with your skin and what you already have. You also have to be brave and go outside your comfort zone. When you've been casual and dressing down for so long, anything new feels too dressy!

If all else fails, follow Suz's link to WNTW, ASAP. I would love to go on that show just for the money.