I'm a little nervous

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    And I don't know why. I've mentioned before that I am doing book reviews. Most of them have been ebooks but I have done some print and we get more print books in each week.

    Today I got a print book in the mail from my "boss" that I am to review. (Hardback even! woo hoo!) It looks interesting but I'm really nervous about reviewing it. One of the co-authors? Adrienne Barbeau.


    I know I shouldn't be nervous.....she's a person too just like any other author. I guess she is just the most well known of the authors that I've reviewed so far. But...the woman I review for always lets the publishers/authors know when we do a review and sometimes we reviewers get "fan mail" from them. I will have a vampyric cow if I get fan mail from Adrienne! LOL (The book is called Vampyes Of Hollywood) :vampire:
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    Dang, Stang...I didn't know you did this! So what do you do? Give an opinion? Edit?

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    Read the book (which I get to keep! woo hoo!!!) and write a review. The way I do it is to tell about the plot and story line and then give my opinions. Fortunately so far I haven't had more than a few that I didn't like and only one that really vacuumed. The reviewers on this site don't get paid for our work but, as I said, we do get to keep the books. It's fun actually and who doesn't like free books? LOL

    I finished this book and really liked it! :whew: Now I will get started on the review and turn it in.
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    Oh boy Mustang, how did you manage to get into doing book reviews?

    I am such an avid reader that I've always thought that reviewing or proofreading books would be the perfect job.

    (I remember watching Match Game when Adrienne Barbeau was on.)
  5. mstang67chic

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    Far as I know we are looking for more reviewers. We do paranormal/fantasy with a bit of sci-fi thrown in for kicks and giggles. If you are interested, pm me and I'll give you the details.