I'm back. Brief update, and thanks.


Well, I'm back, I think! Things are going as well as they can, I guess. I've been better, but been a lot worse, too.

I figured as time passed, it would get easier. That was true when there were many pressing things to be done. Now that the pressing things are finished and we're back to a more normal routine, its hitting all over again, but I suspect that's normal and I just wasn't prepared for it.

My brother and I enjoyed camping very much. Dad went with us a few times last year and had bought his own camper this year and we were all looking forward to camping together. As the weather warms up and we begin to plan our weekend trips, they are bittersweet because we were looking so forward to this summer with our parents tagging along.

husband stepped up to the plate in amazing fashion. I couldn't have scripted him any better than he was. And I am slowly piecing together all the seeminly random thoughts that fly thru your mind, and things are starting to make some sense again. At least as much as they ever did before.

Wee difficult child handled the situation amazingly well. I was very proud of him. His first week back home was challenging, he is especially targeting me, but I am stepping back and letting husband step in at the first inkling of a confrontation, which has avoided them since Saturday night. That and the warm weather that allows him to be outside more and husband's new puppy that adores wee difficult child.

He goes to visit his kindergarten class sometime this month. His teacher at the early intervention school wants to take him several times before the end of the year. Having a bit of trouble getting next year's teacher established, but am hoping this will fall in place as smoothly as everything else has in this district.

Big difficult child cut school one day while I was still helping to get things in order. That didn't go so good, and in true difficult child fashion, he didn't understand what the big deal was. His excuse for his behavior was that "its 4th quarter, the whole world is slacking" to which I replied "so everyone is skipping?" and he jumped my hind end for putting words in his mouth. I am still confused by this one - can anyone explain???

Even tho I was 300 miles away, plans had been laid for just such a situation. Phone calls were made and the car he had been allowed to drive was removed within minutes, and the cell phone disappeared within 4 hours. He was pretty ugly with me when I got home, but I expected it, and by the second day back home, he was in a more logical frame of mind. Just praying for that boot camp date to hurry and get here.

easy child 1 has started his job, he doesn't officially graduate for another couple months, but they hired him, anyway. YEAH!!!

easy child 2 wrote on the walls and kicked a hole in my hamper and just generally wreaked havoc at my house this past weekend. Oh boy! She's still a easy child, I think she'd be even more easy child-ish if she had some direction and responsibility elsewhere. But not a topic I can dwell on, I can't fix that.

So that's where we are. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers and messages. Its an amazing feeling to know people who really understand and can relate are out there and care.


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Well well...lots of news Shari.

When does difficult child 1 leave for the Marines? What is he going to be once he is in there? I wish him well. LOL. I dont have much insider access anymore but Jamie is still in upper VA and has friends on base so if you need anything just give me a holler. I will give you the same advice I gave cookie. http://mmo.proboards10.com/

That is marine moms online. You will need them. They have the links to the boot camp sites for whichever boot camp he is going to...parris island or san diego.

Glad easy child 1 is doing well. Hope easy child 2 settles down for you.

Little difficult child sounds like he is muddling along. Outdoors is a good thing. Hope the kindergarten teacher is a good one.


He leaves at the end of July. I have mixed feelings, still question if it’s the right thing to do. But don’t know where else he’ll have a shot to make it, quite honestly. Unless I can suddenly change his mind and keep him on medications, he won’t make it outside of a structured environment like that, so what do you do? Doing my best to support him and just pray it works for him.

All he wants to do is infantry. He wants to go to Iraq and kill people (and that's how he says it, he'll be disappointed if troops are sent home before he getst here). It disturbs me, but again, what do you do? I’m stepping back, to a degree. He has very clear rules to live in my house, what he does after he no longer lives there I can no longer control. My goal is to make it to the end of July as peacefully as possible while remaining within the law. I made him wait to 18 to sign, so its his name on the dotted line and no one else’s. He can not blame anyone else this way.

I will miss him. I love him dearly. But mama can’t fix it from here on out and the choices, and weight of the consequences, will soon be all his. He has the skill set to make it. I just pray he does.


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Hey...I have seen some difficult child's do very well in the military. Its been known to happen. Maybe going over to the sandbox and killing people will be good for him?!? Oh well...there are a ton of young men who seem to feel just like him. Tell him to duck. Why do I hear the refrains of "Billy Dont be hero" running through my head.