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    Yea I got a computer!!! I'm still trying to get used to it. difficult child 1 is being teenagerish, and I really don't like it. Good news is he got a great therapist. It's taking difficult child 1 some time to decide he likes him. This FDIC gives him homework and makes him talk about things difficult child 1 did wrong. Homework this week is to not lie. Ha ha ha! That's not going to happen. School is going better. difficult child 1 now has a BIP and the teachers and I meet every 2-3 weeks. difficult child 1 got in a fight today in the after school program. It was a misunderstanding about social rules.

    difficult child 2 pulled another tooth out. I'm very glad it was a baby tooth. He is doing better with the homeschool. I think he might be getting used to it. He is on a new medication to try to help him stop picking at himself. It's respirdal. I probably mis-spelled that. It's working a bit, and his sores are healing. It's not working as much as I'd like it to. He is still picking. Last week he ruined Buster's mattress by picking a hole in it.

    difficult child 3 is doing well. We're working on personal space with both him and difficult child 2.

    Ann has 2 modes very good or very bad there is no middle ground with her. This is probably normal 5 year old stuff.

    Elsie is in therapy now. Anxiety issues about difficult child 1.

    Buster now has an autism diagnosis, but the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who did the ados said he might not really be autistic. He might catch up in the areas he is delayed in. He is in ei now for language.

    Cherub is very cute. She is 10 lbs now, and 3 months old. She has a faulty suck and gets to see the to. The Occupational Therapist (OT) made suggestions that are working very well. Cherub can eat normally now with much less air getting in her.

    I'm so glad to be back here. I drove my poor sister nuts calling her everyday to talk about difficult children. I think she would be more comfortable talking a little less often.
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    Missed you so much!!!!!!!

    Sounds like your family has been super busy with doctors and therapies!

    How is difficult child 1 doing with biodad? Does he still need to visit him? How's your husband?

    Mostly, do you have a second for yourself in there? Are your kids eligible for PCA time to take them out of the home? I know a family that has 40 hours of PCA for four kids on the spectrum ---each! Thats very rare and I think it happened because cps got involved, but still, can you imagine? I get 12-16 per week and am grateful! !!!

    Have fun catching up.....see ya around!
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    Nice to see you back. For some reason I was thinking about you the other day, wondering about your husband and for some reason also wondering about your church. I couldn't recall whether you went back to the congregation or not. Why did you pop into my mind??? I haven't the faintest idea, lol. Glad to read the update and know you're fine. Hugs DDD
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    nice to hear from you!
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    Hey girl! Missed you! Sounds like things are going better!
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    Hi, welcome back!
    So glad you got a computer. :)
    Thank you for the update. Glad you've got an Occupational Therapist (OT) for your daughter.
    So sorry about your difficult child 2 and his teeth. That's an ongoing issue.
    And so sorry about Elsie. I want to hug her.
    And you too!
    Take care of yourself.
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    Welcome back and congratulations on the safe arrival of Cherub!
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    Thanks for the warm welcome.

    husband has about 1 year left of school. We're still working on the same issues with him. He does improve, but it is very slow going. Because difficult child 1 doesn't respond well to me anymore husband has gotten to parent him more. The results have been kinda explosive, but difficult child 1 is closer to husband emotionally now. Of course x hates this and has threatened to take us to court. difficult child 1 told him something husband said about him. Out of context and trying to distract us from what he was in trouble with. X used this to try to say husband would be in trouble with the judge. difficult child 1 came home from that visit really mad at everyone in the family. difficult child 1 calmed down after therapist told him husband wasn't going to get in trouble. We have a new rule that all talk about x is done in tdocs office. I came up with this rule to keep us out of court and so that x doesn't give difficult child 1 enormous power over our family by letting difficult child 1 help him take us to court.

    Yes I'm still going to the same congregation. Dragon lady and Ijust stay out of each others way. I've glared at her a few times and she hasn't come up to me. My religion helps me keep sane. I try to not let one or two ignorant scared people keep my away from it.

    I haven't heard of pca in this state. There is someone from the county mental health that helps co-ordinate all the programs that works with my family so I think we're getting the best that we can in this state.