I'm disappointed and upset. Ace is not moving to Texas after all.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Nov 21, 2012.

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    I'm not 100% sure how it all went to H in a handbasket. Unfortunately, I think I had a part in it unwittingly. husband called Texas easy child before I came home from work the other night. He wanted to know for sure that Ace was welcome. He told her that easy child/difficult child had offered to take Ace to his new house in town but ... he knew Ace would be happier with her family. He's a quiet man and was "on a mission" to make the choice right then. easy child and her family just lost their most loved dog last week. The timing really was not right but husband wasn't thinking about that...he was thinking that Ace would bring them happiness.

    Next thing I know I overhear him saying he will bring Ace to San Antonio in March. Use a rental van, etc. She said "no, I'll fly gs to Florida so he can drive with you". Lo and behold she emails copy of plane pass for gs.

    Then I guess I messed it up by emailing her later and saying that I worried about husband driving home alone. Tossed out the idea of easy child/difficult child riding round trip or Ace flying. She replied that planes were a danger for dogs AND she was getting stressed out and worried about her Dad.

    YIKES. She sent an email to her Dad this morning saying that she and her husband have decided it is best for Ace to live with easy child/difficult child so that he can visit Ace whenever he wants to. Good Grief. This is a very terrible week at work and at home. Whine over. DDD
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    Perhaps Ace could do that and later move down to texas when the family is ready for him?

    Having Nichole take Betsy was the best decision I ever made, for both Betsy and me. Betsy gets to be around her kids and get spoiled rotten, plus has plenty of kitties to play with ect. I no longer have aggression/jealousy issues going on. So far Maggie worships Molly. :) I do like the option of visiting her whenever I want, I know Betsy likes it too. And it helps with Nichole's care for her as well as I know her quirks as well if not better than Nichole does. Like last time I was there I helped Nichole clip her nails. Betsy doesn't mind it at all but had issues sitting still for it. It's a 2 person job. lol
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    Don't be so hard on yourself. You had every right to be concerned about husband driving alone. Having easy child/difficult child go along for the whole trip sounds very reasonable to me. It makes perfect sense. Sounds like Texas easy child doesn't like it when her plans don't work out the way SHE has planned???
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    Could just be bad timing... with them having lost a pet too.
    Might switch around after a bit?
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    She is a wonderful person. She is concerned because he Dad is 80 and loves his Ace to death. At first I thought that she believed I was "forcing" her Dad to get rid of Ace because, frankly, I am sick of dog hair and taking care of kids and dogs. It is true! on the other hand, I know husband would be sad and miss Ace for awhile BUT (just like when the children went off on their own) he would adjust and be happy that Ace was surrounded by a full family loving him.

    Oh well....guess will be with us til one of us croak. easy child/difficult child loves Ace too but he won't have the money to maintain Ace and I guess we'll just have to see if maybe we can try a couple of "sleep overs" at his new house. His girlfriend is not big into animals and "wants to keep a nice house". Hmm. Time will tell. Life is never dull. DDD