I'm exhausted...


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But in the best possible way. :D Just got home about 30 minutes ago from a much-needed one day road trip with my husband to see the Atlanta Braves in one of their last spring training games. I'm doubly glad it worked out for us to go this year, because next year they are moving out of Orlando so not as easily accessible for us.

Had a few mishaps...it rained most of the day. But luckily while it poured in Daytona it only sprinkled in Orlando and didn't impact the game at all. After walking all the way from the parking lot to the Will Call area and into the stadium area, my husband realized he had left his phone sitting on the roof of the car. I just knew that phone was gone. We walked all the back to the parking lot and couldn't find the car. Plus it was a rental. We must have looked suspicious wandering around peering into different cars lol. Finally an attendant asked if we needed help and my husband explained what was going on. We never did find the car, but she said that a guest had found the phone and turned it over to an attendant, who had then taken it in the box office. Whew, dodged a bullet on that one!

The game was so much fun. I got to see most of my favorite Braves and a couple of unknowns that I will be keeping track of through the coming season(s). Braves were in the lead 2 - 0 until the 9th inning when the Nationals drove in three runs and won the game. Got some great pictures of my baseball heroes and my husband hero.

Got back to Daytona and stopped in to see his brother and sister-in-law, then went to a nearby steakhouse that the sister-in-law recommended. It's a local establishment I had never heard of and it was so good. We then stopped at CVS to pick up a couple of things and then finally got home to relax, unwind, and remember. I think my husband needed this escape, and I know I did. I know I will sleep better tonight than I have in some time.


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Sounds like a fun day all in all.

So....did you ever find the rental car...lol


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Laura, so glad you and your husband had a day away to just enjoy one another. Also glad about that cell phone too! Whew! Those things can be hard to keep up with at times, and aren't we so reliant on them now!