Im thinking of getting a new sofa in the not too distant future...suggestions please

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, May 21, 2012.

  1. DammitJanet

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    I think microfiber would be a good fabric because we live in the south and leather would get hot.

    I am thinking a sectional would be nice because it would fit nicely and now they make them so they dont slide apart. I also would like one that has at least two recliners. Of course we could do the couch and love seat too.

    What do you think? Good manufacturers? I dont want to ever have to have trailer furniture again. I want something that will hold up.

    My layout would be _______|
  2. Jody

    Jody Active Member

    I guess it depends if you let the dogs up on the couch or not. That would determine probably what color and fabric I would order. I think with my back issues and arthritis that I would go for a single recliner. Much easier to get in and out of. But then I would have to put it next to the couch so Broady could be near me. My family room set is a green, loveseat, couch and chair. It has the attached pillows in the back and thats nice so you dont have to keep straightening all the pillows, all the time.
  3. keista

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    I've got microfiber and like it very much. The fabric cleans up easily and has a nice feel.

    I have sofa and loveseat with the recliners on every end. My next set will NOT have recliners built in for two reasons. First, I like sleeping/napping on the couch, and it is really NOT comfortable because the recliner frame starts poking at you. I don't care for sleeping/napping in recliner position. The second problem is that the back of the couch on a recliner couch is much higher. Generally this is not a problem unless you want to get slip covers to do an instant makeover. Slipcovers alone can be pricy but with the high backs it's next to impossible to find.
  4. donna723

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    The microfiber is really nice and cushy ... I just wish I hadn't gotten the bright idea to get it in a light color! I have four dogs - what was I thinking?!?! I had just painted my living room a very pale blue and it seemed like all the microfiber furniture I could find was dark brown and I didn't want that! So I got a big sofa and recliner in a beige color that looks great against the blue walls. And they told me it was easy to clean - yeah, right! So then my slurpy, drooley dogs got on it ... when it gets wet, it gets a ring on it! I put a throw over it and it helped a little but it mostly soaked right through. I tried cleaning it like they said - mild soap, damp cloth, circular motion. The rings got a little lighter but are still there. I tried taking the covers off the cushions and putting them in the washer. Better, but the rings are still there. So if you do get the microfiber, you'd do much better to go with a darker color.