i'm very nervous

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Jena

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    the hospital just called and they want to start difficult child on lithium immediately. i'm so scared i feel sick at this point.

    i haven't seen her or talked to her i feel so incredibly disconnected right now. i'm so scared that the difficult child i know won't be the same difficult child that ill see tonight if she completes.

    she said to me jen she needs help, you have tried so many things and none have worked. it's time now, we have staff here she is in a hospital it's the right place to try it. i gave my ok on it.

    pleaes just tell me it's going to be ok. she said jen she has mood issues, anxiety, depression now we have to try something.

    i feel a total mess.
  2. Mamaof5

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    Give up the position of "power". Let them do the work and be the authority over your difficult child right now. Let them do what they know how to do best. Now that they ARE on the same page as you are let them take over. Now is time for you to gather up your strength and rest for a little bit. Take this time to regroup yourself while your difficult child is in the hands of the nurses and doctors. The hospital is on target, it's the perfect place to try and stabilize difficult child, they have the equipment, the staff and the know how - ride their tailcoats for a bit and take time to rest yourself.

    (((HUGS))) I can't fathom how terribly tired and weary you must be right now.
  3. DammitJanet

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    Lithium is a very good gold standard for bipolar. It can take a bit of time to get to a blood level that is good for her. They will be watching her closely for dehydration and salt levels during this so dont be alarmed by this. Lithium is a salt so they want her to maintain her normal salt intake. A person needs to increase their water intake when on lithium too. They will work with her on that.

    Lithium was a huge wonder drug for Cory. If you want to read a book about the wonders of Lithium read, The Unquiet Mind by Kaye Redmond. She is amazing.
  4. Jules71

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    I am so sorry for what you are going through. I hope you find the strength to take care of yourself a bit and get some rest. You will get through this.
  5. Andy

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    I am wondering if the sibling visitation tonight is too soon? I get that she needs to stay connected to the family and all the kids need to know that they are each being taken care of, but it is adding one more element to the complicated picture. Is difficult child ready for that reminder that she is in where she has not yet accepted to be and the siblings get to be home where the grass is so much greener?

    You will know the right thing - it may be just fine but thought I would show another view point (just what you need at this time - something else to think about - NOT).
  6. smallworld

    smallworld Moderator

    Is she fully hydrated right now?

    Iin your shoes, I would not start Lithium unless she is getting full hydration through her own intake. The eating disorder take precedence here.

    I would recommend pushing the psychiatrist to increase Seroquel until it is at a therapeutic dose for depression, mood stabilization and mania (somewhere in the 600 to 800 mg range). That will take care of the anxiety and help her eat. Obviously, I'm not a doctor, but I would worry that her kidneys could not handle Lithium.
  7. Lithium was the most effective medication of the many, many, many that my difficult child tried. It was also the most tolerated with little to no side effects.
  8. DammitJanet

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    SW, I had that same thought but I (maybe mistakenly) assumed that the doctors will be keeping a very close eye on hydration.
  9. Marguerite

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    If her diet currently is liquid, and she's accepting even some, then she is unlikely to be dehydrated.

    Lithium is not necessarily forever. If it helps, then great. If it doesn't, they will find out. She is in the right place for them to find out. I still feel, though, that a lot of the apparent bipolar behaviour is learned, from her father. But if I'm wrong then the sooner she starts on Lithium, the better.

  10. smallworld

    smallworld Moderator

    But with Lithium, you have to drink even more fluids than is normal for a child.

    I talked to a friend today whose daughter had a serious eating disorder. She said the risk with Lithium is that if the patient's electrolytes are off, then Lithium can cause seizures. Jen, it's something you need to ask the doctors about.
  11. Jena

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    their giving her 300mg. in am and 300mg. in p..m along with-seroquel 25 mg. every four hours for anxiety. seems like a whole lot to me to be honest. small was first thing i did and they do a urinalysis every morning. she is fully hydrated.

    marg i'll answer your post on the other thread. difficult child has presented with-behaviors since in birth.