In the end, Buck may still be what breaks the camel's back.

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    I have attempted not to say much about Buck since he left except to say I didnt want to so much as lay eyes on him for at least a year. When I found out he had been coming down here during the summer to see Tony and Cory in the yard, I about flipped out and when Tony told me I couldnt keep him from coming onto this property because it wasnt mine, I told him I would take out a protection order to keep him at least a thousand feet from me. If he wanted to come on this land then he would be standing in the middle of a swamp.

    Well when he left he left a few things behind. One of them was a table. When he left, I told Tony I wanted him to take everything he had brought here but he still left an old kitchen table (no chairs) and a few other things. He also left a ton of junk food stuffed behind the bed he had been sleeping in and used ice cream containers in every drawer in that room. Cory ended up being the one who cleaned out that room.

    Well when Cory moved out he asked me if he could take another table I have and I told him no. I bought that one for when I can manage to get Tony to take out our island but I did tell him he could take Bucks table since he has been gone since July 1st and hasnt said a word about it. He certainly hasnt paid storage fees or made any attempt to get it.

    Tony is flipping out saying I have no right to give it away. I said if its been abandoned in my house for over 90 days, I can get rid of it. Heck I could have done it after 30 days! I know Tony is being so witchy because its Cory who wants it. So I told Tony fine, I wont give it to Cory but Im dragging it to the dump tomorrow. He says oh no I wont! I said oh yes I will! In case you dont know, dont ever tell me what to do!

    We are so not getting along right now that I can see this being the straw that breaks us. Right now he is expecting so many things from me I never know what I am doing. Like last night, he worked until 10:30 pm and Billy and I didnt make anything for supper because it was just the two of us. Tony comes in at 10:30 and wanted to know where supper was? Ummm, I would have thought someone who was out that late to have already eaten. Plus we have the issue with the fridge still not working so we cant put anything up. I was also actually asleep when he got home and he woke me up. I told him I had some of those microwave hamburgers in the freezer. That just ticked him off more. I suppose I should cook a 3 course meal with no fridge and a stove that only has two working burners!

    Maybe Buck would take better care of him. If he would pay me what I have just put into this house in the last few years I would leave. I have put in a brand new HVAC unit two years ago and I just put on a new room less than a month ago. If he would offer me 10 grand I would walk. Heck when you think about it he should give me more since he was the one who wrecked my car! My old car was in excellent condition and now all I have is problems.
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    Hang in there Janet.
    You have had to cope with so many challenges over the past couple of years.
    I am sending you positive thoughts that things will get much better - and you will be put first.
    hugs from me
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    Janet, as I said in PM, all I can do is offer you strength and hope. I really do hope that things turn in some direction that brings you peace somehow. Hang tough as I know you are woman! ;)
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    Right now Im not letting him see he is upsetting me and I think that bothers. Yesterday his early morning rant was he couldnt find tennis shoes. Idiotic I know. One would think he would put his shoes up when he takes them off but he doesnt. He just drops them as he takes them off. My shoes are always just at the end of my bed where I take off my clothes. Once in awhile one gets kicked under the bed and I have to look for it but not often.

    Im a totally lazy slob because I wont do laundry. When everyone grew up I told them all my days as laundry maid were over. Tony and I also have an issue of not having any place to put our clothes once we get them clean and folded. I havent folded clothes in probably a year to be honest. Well I do put Monkey's clothes up in a small dresser in her room. I suppose I should get a couple of dresser's for our room too. I have one that would work perfectly for me but the top drawer needs to be re-glued at the joints. This dresser was mine when I was a baby! I cant get Tony to do the repairs. We cant get into our closet either. Years ago when we first moved in here I bought those wire shelves and asked him to put them up along the back wall and half of the side wall. That would leave us some space to hand some things but we really mostly fold things. Those shelves are long gone. Instead I am at fault because all the clothes are all over our floor in the corner or that we have this big box that is full of mostly his clothes. When he cant find anything its all my fault.

    Now I will admit I am no housekeeper. He thinks if I did just 30 minutes a day then the house would get cleaned. Ummm, I spend more than that each day in the kitchen alone.

    Now I dont blame him in the least for being ticked off that he just cleaned up the middle bedroom for Monkey right before Cory came home. Cory stayed in there until Buck left and he has done nothing but leave it a tea total mess. I am going to have to talk to Cory and tell him to get his koi out of there because I have promised Monkey a new bed for Xmas. She is getting an adorable bunk bed that she picked out at the store. Its time she has her own bed and own room. She is so looking forward to fixing it up and I want Tony to fix it so she has one of those half doors that she can lock so the Mouse cant get in there and go through her stuff. As far as common toys, I bought a toy box for them to keep in the living room and they can put stuff in there but Monkey shouldnt have to worry that her jewelry box is going to get taken or her good markers are going to get eaten.