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    the SSA has decided that wm is "old enough" at the tender age of 16 almost 17 to manage his survivor benefits. :bloodshot:

    Hard to believe isn't it? My wm ~ I expect to get the same letter for kt any day soon now. Remarkable stuff ~ survivor benefits are to help the surviving parent raise his/her child without their spouse. wm's monies go straight to the county for child support for wm in his current placement.

    I spent several hours as the SS office yesterday explaining wm's situation & his level of disability. Now mental health CM is taking over. He's applying for disability for the tweedles based on their diagnosis's, continuing problems, & their mental/emotional age.

    Enough to give one a headache. :twister2:
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    let me get this straight:

    At any bank in the United States, a person must be 18 to manage their own savings account or open a checking account or make any other kind of financial arrangement.

    But SSA feels that somehow this guideline does NOT apply to wm because... ?


    They arbitrarily feel he is "old enough" - so now it's OK for him to manage money....even though his same-aged peers do not have this right?
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    :hammer: Sure doesn't make sense to me! Grrrrr!
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