Info on CT Childrens psychiatric hospital' needed


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Ok. The psychiatric hospital my son is in DOES NOT do any psychiatric testing or evaluations because insurance pays them under one big baloon payment, so they would have no extra funds to pay anyone to come in and do any psychiatric testing nor do they have anyone on staff qualified to do so.

My question is...are there any phosps in CT that DO offer psychiatric testing and evaluations while inpatient?

I am anticipating another inpatient stay after my sons discharge (how sad is that?) and while I love the staff, am comfortable with the facilities, etc. I am curious what my options are. If they're all basically the same (NO testing because insurance won't pay for it), then it would make no sense to sit in an ER for days to hope a bed opens up when I am almost guaranteed a bed at this hospital for him...but if another hospital will actually do some extensive testing on him while he's there, it would be worth the wait.

So, if anybody in my area has any experience with CT psychiatric hospital's they'd like to share (feel free to PM me), that would be great.

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Is he at CT Childrens Medical Center in Hartford? It's been a while since we dealt with them but it was my understanding that the IOL (Institute of Living) has offices in there for that very reason - so they can be on call and present when needed as in such a case as yours. When we went there IOL and CCMC worked incredibly close together, at least that's the care we received between the Neurological Dept and IOL. We even had our IOL psychiatric and counseling appts at CCMC. Do they no longer do that?

I"m sorry, my only experience is with CCMC and IOL. Many hugs - I hope you're able to get your difficult child the care he needs.


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Could you ask the new outpatient psychiatrist? I know that our psychiatrist and therapist had vast knowledge of all the phosps in our area. They knew the best ones to go to, and the ones to stay away from. Often times at teaching hospitals they have centers where there are individuals on staff who can also give you that type of information. For instance...Duke U. has the child and family study center, and they have someone on staff who can help with obtaining information. I would be surprised if there were no phosps in your area that did psychiatric testing on an inpatient bases.

It is true that you are just spinning your wheels where you are..not really making much progress.


Alison, my mother is a retired social worker in the Hartford area and speaks highly of the Institute of Living as well. Yale New Haven would be another option. Why don't you check out their websites and place a few calls to see what you can find out? I think it's worth it to be prepared. Hugs to you.