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We have child health plus in new york through blue cross blue shield which is fairly inclusive but i've never had to check for neuropsychological evaluations or these kinds of services and/or therapies and I'm not really sure what to ask if I call them...

any ideas?

thank you, as always!



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Have the primary doctor refer you - then it should be covered. I think I paid the 'specialist' rate which was a $25 copay.


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Hi! We're on HIP (we started with Child Health Plus but most of our doctors were not on it). Are you on Medicaid as well? Here's how it worked for us.

There isn't mental health coverage on CHP or HIP. That's all handled through Medicaid. HOWEVER: Everyone still billed both Medicaid and HIP/CHP (they're both the same coverage) just in case the Neuro part of the neuropsychologist was covered! Confusing? I went nuts! We got our neurospsychs done at IBR (Institute for Basic Research) and we're still waiting for results. I can't wait!!!

Good luck!

Good luck, lady. I think your insurance is better than mine and I certainly hope so -- very little was ever in network with my cub. I'm obviously not happy about paying out of pocket to reach the ridiculous out of network deductible I have, but heck, that poor cub surely didn't choose to be born with the brain chemistry he inherited from me. If you trust the cub's pediatrician, s/he might be able to help you.