Insurance will not allow any more testing....

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by DramaQueenLucy, Apr 29, 2009.

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    until Aug....ugh I finally find another NueroPsych that can do the testing on difficult child 2 and now the insurance will not approve! So I setup appointments for Aug and will have to wait for that but I have asked the NueroPsych that over sees the psychiatric that did difficult child 2's last set of testing to look over the results of that testing to see if he sees anything that is off and am also going to talk to the psychiatrist about the medications and why is it that difficult child always has these kinds of reactions to them? The sleep medications aren't working either.

    Top it off with difficult child 2 has been a total turd the past few days. Today he had the nerve to call me up from school and start to yell at me over the phone because he forgot to tell me that he needed more lunch money....
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    Depending what state you are in, try to see how these problems are categorized. I learned that in thee states, one of which Tennessee autism is classified as neurological, which can change the insurance requirements and may allow coverage. With my husbands insurance with IBM, we used to have benefits, but because the treatment she gets with social skills, the insurance will no longer cover it. I feel your pain. See if you can get you son diagnosed oficaly with Aspergers. If you live in Wa state I can help, just reply to me. Good luck.
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    psychiatrist ordered the testing and says not to worry about it the NeuroPsychs office knows how to get approval from the insurance company.