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Was just told over the last few days that because difficult child is gifted, he knows what COULD happen and that causes a lot of anxiety, vs most kids his age that do not think that far ahead.

Also that his NEED for control is due to anxiety. When he was younger he was class clown, and we were told teachers couldn't teach because he had control of the class. Now, his refusal is his way of contol.

So, besides medication any advice on dealing with this? I see difficult child in this article. Wondering how or if I can help him.


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I taught a kid that was SUPER gifted in sixth grade (many, many years ago). This kid literally shook all the time, like he was afraid. He was so smart he was scary, but it was sad because this kid was shy, quiet, and almost intraverted to the point where he almost dreaded it when you called on him for an answer...which always was miles ahead of the other kids... I heard later he was out of school because he had developed stomach ulcers.... He was always very concerned about the environment, the effects of nuclear fallout, etc. I was worried about kids not fighting at recess... Don't know what happened to him, but his depression was very apparent. The "curse" of being gifted is total awareness....can be scary for a child who hasn't developed coping mechanisms....

I'm no authority on this, but guess I would stress to him that even if he is aware of things it doesn't mean he has any control to change things. He can only control himself.

Is there a gifted program at your school? I also know in Indiana we have a special high school where gifted students can attend if they pass certain testing. They actually live on the edge of a college campus, but attend a math/science centered High School. Of course that takes a mature student who can live away from home at that age...


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when NL was attending the school for gifted kids, they ALL had what would probably be called "problems". Most of these kids had tried public schools and parochial schools, but just like NL - for one reason or another (and often because of Learning Disability (LD) situations like ADD) they didn't "fit".

Many highly gifted kids drop out of high school. They often don't see the need for it. Plus they often hyper focus on subject material, and are much more interested in that than whatever they are supposed to be learning. They constantly question authority - not in maliscious ways, but because they need to make sense of everything.

They also often do REALLY bad on multiply choice tests. They will sit there and think of situations where all the answers could maybe be correct.

Attending this school for 2 years was the best thing we could have done with NL. Unfortunately, his bio-father didn't want him to continue, so he's at a public school now, but one that you have to test into. It's not an ideal match, but better than a "normal" high school.

I have no real advice, but I do understand your struggles and concerns. You may want to look at for information - it's a great startng place for finding help for gifted kids.


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Highly gifted kids often find it difficult to fit into the 'normal' world. My difficult child has an IQ somewhere in the range of 180. He has never thought he should listen to anyone less smart than he is. His father, who is somewhat the same, was asked to leave school at 16 because 'they couldn't do anything more for him.' Sad, but kind of true.

It's almost like their brains are 99% being book smart...but the 1% doesn't make up for living in the real world. Very frustrating.