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    I hope to have internet within a few days.

    In husband's defense, and now that I'm not enraged, I can see how he forgot to pay the bill, what with all was going on with mother in law at the time. He called the phone co because our bill was supposedly 400.00. Uh, no way in hades. Phone co did state that only 200 of that was actually the "bill" the rest were secondary charges for things I never added. They are "once again" going to drop those charges and tell those people to stop billing for services that were never provided/ordered.

    I'm actually looking into another phone provider/bundling service as I've had it with att and them letting others just add charges onto their bill for services I never ordered nor received. We've had this issue repeatedly for nearly 2 years now.:mad:

    Just thought I'd let everyone know so you won't worry.

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    Okey doke.
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    I have been worried about you! I need to ask you something and you have disappeared on