Irony. Girl sticks object in outlet and gets shocked at school.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Shari, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Shari

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    The very first time wee difficult child was suspended at school, was for threatening the principal. This happened after he was dragged out from under the desk where he was hiding. The reason for violating difficult child Rule #1 - Don't mess with him when he's hiding? There was a covered outlet nearby and it wasn't safe for him to be there. Even tho 5 adults were in the room watching him.
    So I go to school today with difficult child. Today he had music. A cute little girl who likes to wiggle got sent to the "safe seat" for wiggling. The "safe seat" is a spot on the floor near the door designated by a poster above it. The class was on the floor looking at a white board. The teacher was at her desk, which made the "safe seat" hidden from her view. I was on the floor with the class.
    Directly below the safe seat sign, is an outlet. And this little girl found a staple on the floor, that she proceeded to stick in that outlet, and shocked herself. Ironically, I saw it happen and jumped and went to her. Luckily, she was ok, but the teacher, who saw MY commotion, sent her to the nurse, just in case.
    A safe seat in a place not visible by the teacher, with an open outlet, is ok...but under a desk, with a covered outlet, surrounded by 5 not. Go figure.
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    I am having such a hard time with the school you send difficult child to. I just don't understand their disciplining policy. To suspend a 6 yr old for threatening a principal? Come on - that just sent a message to the 6 yr old that the adults at school don't know how to handle misbehavior and are actually scared of it. You don't use high school tactics on elementary kids. Now is the time to LEARN not be punished and time out for wiggling? Just crazy. I get the idea that the school doesn't want to deal with any but the most perfect of perfect kids. Would be interesting to see if any of the students get through the week without some sort of punishment.
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    OK, Shari - since this school is throwing everything at you, throw it right back NOW. Retrospectively.

    Ask, in writing, for difficult child's past suspension to be stricken from the record since it clearly was inappropriate - he shouldnever have been dragged out form under the desk and his beahviour was purely as a result of being handled inappropritely at that time. And the reason given by the school for dragging him out from under the desk has now been demonstrated to be spurious.

    Go get 'em.

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    I agree with Marguerite! They really seem to not know what they are doing.
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    Shari, I think the administrators at your difficult children school are at the very least related to the ones at my difficult child 1's middle school... Or maybe clones.
  7. Star*

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    I was thinking EXACTLY what Marg posted......

    YEah that needs to come out of his PERMANENT RECORD.....

    Wonder if that wiggle puss will get written up for damaging school property - ugh.
  8. Shari

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    I'm gonna meet with SpEd director tomorrow, if I can. See what I can get done with this.

    And that wiggle puss is cute as a button...she's more than happy to comply, just needs a little extra direction! But boy, is she cute!
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    Whatever happened to those little plastic things you stick in outlets? We have hundreds of them because one of the cats likes open outlets. Fried cat is not my thing.