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    back story last Friday, difficult child come home wed his daily report with 10/13 frowns... Was grounded all weekend, no TV friday and half of Sat then only what I wanted to watch rest of weekend, goes to school today and 13/13 smileys. perfect day tells me that he is being good because we are spending a week dog sitting for my brother who has a million different cool things so he is going to be good all week. does this sound like impulse control? I figure if he can do it a week he can keep doing it thoughts?
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    Not necessarily.

    1) it may take all the effort he has to keep it together for a week... but he may not be able to sustain that effort (been there done that)
    2) you're DOG sitting, right? please do not under-estimate the impact of a DOG (more than any other pet, by a long shot) on a child.

    If he does well for the whole week, maybe you need to invest in a dog?
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    Wish I could, the Apt we live in doesn't allow pets not even fish. hopeing to move next year though