Is this progress?


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Well, difficult child 2 has been talking alot more! Which is what we've been working for. He has been saying 2-3 word sentences like "NO DON'T" "YOU NO DON'T" "MILK NOW!" We've even had whole conversations. Arguments about toys.
you can play with the toys in your room.
"NO ROOM TOYS!" ect...

He doesn't give up the argument by talking it out. He'll argue until I've picked him up, moved him to his room, and he is distracted by the toys in his room.

He has also started two syllable words. Right now he only has two volumes whisper and yell. Sorry my spelling is awful.


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Yup, it's progress! It made me think of how hard I worked on "Why" questions, only to be inundated with them after 9 months. :)


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Yes, I must agree that it's progress. He can now voice his frustrations! Try to remember that he's probably had a lot of negative emotions that he never had words for before this and that's what you'll see for awhile until some further development occurs.


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Any communication is good communication, in the beginning! Then you can work on the, please and thank you's...along with the rest of us!!!LOL

Good job Mom!!!