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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. timer lady

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    I had a staffing yesterday for wm..... 3 hour mtg & I left early (14 people in attendance).

    Having said that I've seen some improvement in wm over the last few months. He's really trying hard.

    He brought out a list of goals he'd like to work on ~ goals he came up with by himself with help from attachment therapist. It amazed me as they were the exact same goals written up by his twin (kt) just a month ago upon discharge from Residential Treatment Center (RTC).

    Twins - even fraternal - have such a connection even when they aren't living together. I just sat there in awe as wm read out his goals.

    One goal was going to a regular school. Well, I saw that fail for ktbug & brought that up. I was shot down except by the staff that work with both of the tweedles. They knew exactly what I my concerns were.

    wm had better be a darned sight better than he is now if he wants to attend school rather than day treatment. Even in an contained setting it's not going to work. But I was shot down by all those who don't work with kt & aren't aware of how a "regular" school didn't meet ktbug's issues.

    Oh well..... just wanted to share with you my awe at twins & their thought processes. Their deep connection.
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    That is eery. It is hard to imagine such a connection unless you have seen or experienced it. I am glad wm is making progress, that is nice to hear.

    I can understand your apprehension about regular school, sometimes it is a difficult place for easy child's.
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    It is amazing, isn't it? The bond between them will always be there. It will also be something that few people with-o twins can understand.
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    It is so good to hear that Wm is making goals - even if they may not be attainable. The goal to go to a regular school shows his earning to be like other kids. He needs to be able to make safe choices for not only him but those he comes into contact with. Well, you already know this plus oodles more that I do not.

    As a twin, I can say that there is a bond that binds a little different than regular non-twin siblings.

    Good luck to Wm as he works on now understanding what is needed to obtain his goals.
  5. Wiped Out

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    It's good to hear that wm is making some progress! Hopefully those that think regular school is going to work listen to you. The connection is amazing.