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    how the medications' work for a while and than suddenly stop working, than we're faced with the umm should I up it again or just switch medications and in come the pyschdoc's etc. Funny in a not ha ha sort of way that is :)

    So, we're at that point now and i'm not willing to increase it. we've gone from size 10 to 16 in three mos and i'm not willing to go any higher, along with high blood sugar as well.

    So, here I am difficult child's a bit hyper tonite shall we say, it's been increasingly getting worse sleep wise i've been monitoring it. so tonight she's full blown jumping spinning twirling etc. comingin and out of the room saying i want to eat, i want to draw i dont' want to sleep i'm not tired let me out.

    when i first became a member here I thought difficult child could be fixed there was a magic answer. i kept singing that tune for a while until other very wise ppl here said umm no, there is no magical soluttion. Way i see it now we just evolve in it and within it each mos and each year hopefully getting a better handle on the triggers, the things to avoid the schedule's and routine they sooo desire, etc.

    so, now i have a new therapist on board we're doubling down on visits, i'm looking into socialization classes through my job for difficult child as well as that equesterian therapy thing tryinig to get a grant for that it's too expensive here, and we're going off seroquel. not sure when we'll start going down on it, soon im betting once new therapist gets her feet wet and hopefully devises a plan with me. pyschiatrist i'm sure will be gone once he realizes i'm going down on the seroquel.

    risky move i know, yet we shall see how it all winds up. seroquel was great for a few mos it really was. it enabled difficult child to make one friend, it enabled her anxiety to lower somewhat and her to be somewhat managable yet due to the weight gain which has been fairly severe and the blood sugar's way too high it's time to say good bye to it.

    i realy hate that when you find a medication that works, than suddenly the warnings come out which by the way even ppl at work are talking about and the medication did infact work for a brief time.

    oh well, this should be interesting if nothing else. we'll see if pyschdoc has another medication he's offering or if we're going to see how it goes with-o.
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    Jennifer, didn't you say she's on the spectrum? I'm a little lost...sorry ;) (I'm lost a lot). If she is, medications wont' help her socialize. These kids really need text book hands on learning to socialize and many just don't do it well or don't care about making friends that much (there are both types). Even if you feel she has Aspie tendencies (and I trust Mom Gut), perhaps interventions would work better than medications. All kids on the spectrum have high anxiety and poor social skills, but medicating them doesn't solve it. They don't "get" how to socialize and often they are true loners too. I could be way off base, but just thought I'd throw that at ya. Our kids *DO* sometimes get misdiagnosed. In fact, both myself and my son were misdiagnosed for long periods of time. Frankly, all her diagnosis. together look like Spectrum stuff to me, but I'm not the doctor. I do know that Aspies often get diagnosed with bipolar. Are you on board with all those diagnosis?
    Ok, I'm tired. If this made no sense it's because I'm ready for bed :peaceful:
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    medications aren't fun. They never are. She's been on some pretty hefty stuff. Prozac - wow, that stuff has never been offered to D, and he's been on *everything*! Well, almost everything lol.

    Our experience with all the antipsychotics has been what you described. They all fizzle out. D did great on Abilify, 5 mg. Then a few weeks later, it died, we went up to 10 mg. Then a couple of months later it died, and we were up to 20 mg. Then before you know it, 30 mg. and he's slurring, drooling, lost in thought, glassy eyed. I don't like the AP's myself, hypocritical of me when he's on Seroquel LOL - because we've had alot of bad experiences with them. D is 12 and 155 lbs. He's enormous. But you know, the Seroquel has calmed him down alot. Stopped raging, eased anger and aggression, it's doing it's job. So, do I want an overweight child with a high BMI or do I want a raging, out of control child that is a threat to everyone around him? Duh.

    Sometimes, you have to take the good with the bad. But, there are times.

    D was on Lithium, which was awesome, but became hypothyroid (side effect). Synthroid made him wild (manic?) - had to take him off everything. It was rotten, because that's the only MS that ever worked. But yep, he's off, and never will go on again.

    Have you ever tried Melatonin for sleep?

    Sometimes it takes more than 1 medication, too. And no, there isn't one to "fix" it all. Not typically. I'm sorry :(

    I'm with MWM on the social thing. We're still struggling with that at 12. Dunno why things have to be so hard, huh?

    Sending hugs.
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    I hate when medications work for awhile and then stop or the side effects demand they be changed or stop. (((hugs)))
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    hi guys sorry i didn't write back.

    Midwest mom i'm on board with most of difficult child's diagnosis's, yet I think they missed a few that being sensory integration disorder. she def has adhd we tested that, she is totally tic's the tourettes, the explosive intermittent thing ahh that's just part of BiPolar (BP) along with the major depression. anxiety oh yea she's got that with-o a doubt. yea i'm on board. doctor's have always said she was a complicated case since day one. they didn't know how to tackle it because so much was there.

    Janna yes it svcks! LOL. for us seroquel is fizzling now for sure, difficult child is downstairs reading right now and can't sleep again.

    we have tried melatonin and for a while it worked with some Occupational Therapist (OT) brushing and mixed in with some kava kava. yet that fizzled as well.

    we have tried several sleep aids' yet i may revisit that conversation with the dr next week. i'm giong to throw ms. thing into regular therapy combined with the equestrian i'm trying to get a scholarship for thru my job, than i'm giong to try to get her mixed with similar type of kids to foster some friendships thru the socialization classes i had mentioned.

    it's already getting rough now a bit, nothing crazy yet all the old behaviors are popping thru cause medications due to be increased again. You are right alot of medications don't work, some do. We have visited the anti depressants, anti anxiety, some adhd medications i had forgotten about, we have never done mood stabilizers.

    I almost hate to pull her, I hate the lack of consistency in that. yet her blood sugar is way way high and regardless of the weight that in itself is a huge concern. so anyhow we'll see what happens.

    i hate to say it, yet the companies making the medications make alot of money and employ alot of ppl and really do contribute to our economy. there has got to be a better way that no one has truly found yet. Maybe someday....... :)
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    Sharon thanks to you too!! :)
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    Just sending support. :)